Become a Viking!

My husband, Mike, and I spent a week at my parent’s condo in Laconia, NH between Christmas and New Years (yes, we are beyond lucky to have a vacation home that we don’t pay the mortgage on!). We brought a few Kettlebells and some warm running clothes to get our workouts in amidst all of the relaxation that occurs in the state where they “Live Free or Die.”
One morning towards the end of the week I was tired of running and wanted to do something different. Mike suggested that I try Viking Warrior Conditioning. I had heard of it before, but wasn’t really sure what it was. Admittedly, I didn’t do it exactly right since we did not test my “number” before I did it. Mike is pretty familiar with my strength and fitness levels and estimated that I should aim for 5 kettlebell snatches per round. Here’s the gist…do 15 seconds of work (5 kettlebell snatches) and then rest for 15 seconds…repeat for 40 minutes, which is 80 rounds.
Sounded easy enough. I put on a great play mix, found a timer online (just search for online boxing timer) and started on my journey towards becoming a viking.
So let’s step back. My short term goal = become a viking. Timeframe = 40 min. At about 20 min my brain (and I thought my body) was giving up. I almost stopped and even thought maybe the workout idea was just a joke…no one could really do this. I wouldn’t have been totally surprised since my husband has told me to do things that are basically impossible before and then laughed when I said I actually tried it. :)
My stubborn and competitive side took over. My brain convinced my body to keep going and I did it. Amazing. I felt so great! I have been working on it ever since. It’s awesome to look back at where I was that day (which I was extremely proud of) and where I am a few months later, after working on this approximately once a week.
I am now doing an additional rep each round (which adds 80 snatches to the workout!) and using a 12K kettlebell instead of an 8K kettlebell. Amazing what the body can accomplish if you put your mind to it.
Enter my longer term goal. Today I read about a women who did 1,000 snatches  with a 12K kettlebell in just 48 min. Wow. (I am currently doing 480 snatches in 40 min with Viking Warrior Conditioning.) I guess I have my next goal all lined up. Celebrate your accomplishments, but don’t get comfortable…never stop reaching for the NEXT goal.
You can be a Viking too.
Decide what you want to do. Set a short term goal. Something that would make you proud, but that you know is also achievable. Get ‘er done. Continue on…set another goal. Don’t stop. Regardless of what obstacles are in front of you, the goal remains. If you feel like you have failed, try again. You’re only better off because you know what doesn’t work.
Sometimes I think it’s better not to pick an absolute end date for when you want to achieve a goal. Focus on the process of getting to your goal. Every day is another chance to improve yourself and work towards your goal. I can’t tell you when I’ll be able to complete 1,000 snatches in 48 minutes, but I do know that practicing snatches will help me get there and I can celebrate other milestones along the way.
Next up for me: completing 7 snatches each round of Viking Warrior Conditioning, which means I would be doing 560 snatches in 40 min.
Happy Cinco De Mayo Sistas!


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