Interval Momma

Since this past weekend was mother’s day, I’ll just tell you a bit about my mom…we’ll call her Interval Momma. :)

We used to go on family vacations and my dad, my sister and I would all want to go running before we started the day. My mom thought it was pretty annoying and used to tease us about being obsessed with exercise.

Fast forward fifteen years and now my parents (Interval Momma and Dad in the picture) are running together and my mom calls to tell me about her interval training that she does with her running group. Go Interval Momma! Next step is to get her doing some more strength training and kettlebell training.

While my mom and I were getting our nails done yesterday we were chatting about bone density and calcium…it really wasn’t as boring as it sounds. She liked my idea to buy some broccoli and steam it in the microwave. Even the frozen bags that are ready to toss in the microwave do the trick. Gals – start getting that calcium in now so that you’re not dealing with issues later. Eat plenty of low fat dairy and other foods with calcium (broccoli, spinach, peas, almonds, salmon) every day.

What else builds bone density? Exercise. As if you needed another reason to get up and get moving. :)

My workout this morning was a real calorie burner. I should have warn my heart rate monitor…
  • 20 rounds of 6 kettlebell snatches with a 12k Kettlebell
  • 50 Swings with a 20K Kettlebell

…Repeated this 4 times through with no rest.

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