Quick Lunchtime Workout

I didn’t sleep well on Wednesday night so instead of working out on Thursday morning I decided I would try to squeeze something in yesterday at lunch. Here’s a quick and low-key workout that works nicely for pregnant women or just those looking to take it easy.

  • 20 Minutes on the Ellyptical
    • Program = ‘Random’
    • Level = 10 (out of 25)
  • 5 minutes on the Treadmill
    • 1 min 4.7MPH
    • 1 min 4.6MPH (incline 5.0)
    • 1 min 4.6MPH
    • 1 min 4.6MPH (incline 5.0)
    • 1 min 4.6MPH
  • Quick Strength Workout
    • Lat Pull Downs x12
    • Pushups x5
    • Static lunges with 15LB Dumbbells x 5R/5L
    • Repeat all 3 exercises 4x

Hope everyone has a great weekend! It’s hard to believe Christmas Eve is one week away! Enjoy the holidays and the parties and the food. Don’t beat yourself up if you have a treat. Just eat healthy most of the time and you’ll be just fine if you treat yourself once in awhile! :)


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