Third Trimester Pregnancy Training Video – Upper Body Push and Pull

Here’s a video from this past weekend. I wanted to demonstrate an upper body push and pull combination. These are great exercises to do back-to-back to work opposing muscles. Both are great exercises whether you are pregnant or not!

First exercise – Incline Chest Press

Note: After your first trimester of pregnancy you should avoid exercises on your back. You can still do chest press, just using an incline bench as shown here, instead of a flat bench.

Second exercise – TRX Inverted Rows

I’m still feeling great although getting bigger by the day. I have a feeling that the third trimester is going to be a bit tougher than the second trimester, but I’m planning to keep up my workouts in an attempt to stay healthy (and sane)!


  1. You are a strong woman in everything you do! I look to you for inspiration and fitness guidance and the love of drinking wine!


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