A Sweet Husband and a Cool Pregnancy

Flashback FridayIt’s Flashback Friday!

What I’m thankful for this week:

I tried, but I just can’t keep it to one thing I am thankful for this week.

First, after a long winter, I’ve been really enjoying the warmer spring weather this week even though it’s been kind of humid and cloudy for the most part. It’s nice to finally put away the winter coat! One thing I’ve noticed is that I get more hot/tired than usual when it’s like this outside…it’s making me so thankful that our little guy is going to be here before the heat of summer really hits. Yay for good timing. :)

Second, and more importantly, I am so thankful for my sweet husband. He randomly commented on my blog post about things you should and should not say to a pregnant woman this week and made me tear up. My husband constantly tells me how grateful he is for me, reminds me that he loves me every day and tells me that I am beautiful at 9 months pregnant when I certainly do not always feel cute or sexy. This is definitely something I never want to take for granted. I have a feeling not all husbands are quite so sweet to their wives. I mean, he even loves me even when I am Little Miss Bossy.

Other great blog posts/articles I read this week:

  • My 4 very favorite ab exercises at Not Yer Mama’s Fitness Blog – Great article about what exercises really work your core and why you don’t need to waste your time doing traditional “core exercises” like crunches.
  • You are what you repeat at Fitness and Spice – Stop beating yourself up with negative thoughts. I wrote about something similar in my very first blog post! Being negative stops you from achieving your full potential and quite frankly it makes you a drag to be around.
  • Eat to a smarter you at Mother Fitness – A look into why low carb or low fat diets aren’t going to help you long term. Hint: your brain needs carbohydrates and fats to function!

What have you been thankful for this past week?


  1. Gotta love husbands who know how to make a pregnant gal feel wonderful. :)

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