Little Miss Bossy

Little Miss BossyIsn’t bossy a funny word? It kind of reminds me of little girls playing together, not something I would call myself or something adults would call each other.


I was bossy the other day. I admit it, sometimes I am bossy. My mom always says I’m polite, but I think she’d agree that I’m bossy sometimes too. I wonder if it comes from being an older sister. Or from being a control freak. Or both. I don’t think pregnancy helps the situation either.

I am definitely having trouble with the control aspect of this pregnancy. I want to know when our little guy is going to be here, what he’s going to act like and look like and what our life will look like with him in it. I am beyond excited, but I do really struggle with the unknown!

In turn, I wonder if know if I am trying more than ever to control other things in my life.

My husband and I talked about stenciling stars on the walls of the nursery and since he got out of work early the other day he wanted to be helpful. He said he was going to get all the supplies

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and get it done. Long story short, I got uncomfortable and said “I thought that was something we would do together so we know exactly where to put them.” Read: I need control over this situation.

Poor hubby was just trying to be helpful and got a little frustrated with my nesting…or nursery OCD as he called it. I’m a lot more calm today (dang pregnancy mood swings) and can see that I might have been a little bossy. We talked about what we wanted to do and hubby said that he’d make the stencils so that we could be all ready to paint.

So today I got an email titled ‘H2 Strikes Again’ with the picture below. Side Note: He calls himself H2 when he’s being a helpful hubby. We have stencils! :)

Star stencils for nursery

I am such a planner that often times when things are out of my control, I can’t relax. I need to remember that only God knows when our baby will enter the world. He is in the driver’s seat. All I can control is how I am treating my body, which for the most part is good. I’m not perfect, but I’m trying to eat lots of healthy foods (and some unhealthy foods too ;-)) and I am trying to workout and stay fit doing pregnant kettlebell snatches and a million other workouts.

At this point I can continue trying my best to stay healthy, I can get things ready for the baby’s arrival and work towards being the best mom I can be. The rest…well it’s not up to me. I am not the boss even though I am bossy.

Do you have a hard time with the unknown? When you feel out of control do you compensate by being uber-controlling in other areas of your life?


  1. Nursery OCD … that’s very funny!

    I am currently suffering from similar control issues. Actually, I’m sure those around me are suffering more! I’ve always been sort of a control freak, but at 37 weeks pregnant, I suppose it has skyrocketed. My sister-in-law is temporarily staying with us and we have different tolerances for messes. Obviously, in my fragile emotional state :), this can send me into a tizzy when least expected.

    I’ve recently thought about the fact that if only I knew *exactly* when Baby was coming, I would be able to plan and be a little less anxious. Thanks for reminding me that it’s out of my hands! What will be will be :)

    • HA…I know…I keep wanting to know when he is going to be here. I can’t imagine how you are feeling since you don’t even know the sex. I would be going seriously nuts…not just being a little bossy. Glad to hear others are having nursery or house OCD as well though, but you said it right…what will be will be. :)

  2. Yes, I ‘m so with you! I think that’s why I want my doctor to sit down every appointment and go over my baby’s growth progress in detail with me. I want to know what labor will really be like and how I’ll feel afterwards. I’m also a bit more emotional and have a shorter fuse since becoming pregnant, so that doesn’t help with my natural lack of patience and need for control :)

    • HA…yes I am a ‘bit’ more emotional a well. It’s nice to know someone can relate to the control issue. I think we’ll have to get over it bc once we have these babies we’re gonna have a whole lot less control over our lives. lol :)

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