College Roomies

This past weekend my roommate from college, her husband and their 3 month old baby came up to visit. We were talking about how we graduated from college 8 years ago and have known each other for 12 years. Holy cow…that made me feel old!

We have been through so much together and have seen each other through some big time ups and downs. It’s so crazy to think about all of the not so smart things we did together in college (but man did we have fun!). Thankfully we made it through and both turned out a-o-k. πŸ˜‰

Now we are officially growing up…we both got married 3 years ago, Erica is a mommy and I will be one any day now. I love that we have stayed so close even though she lives in NY. I love that our husbands have become good friends. I love that our sons are going to grow up together.

College Roommates and Babies

College Roomies! Look...he's trying to reach out to his friend! :)

As always, it was great to see them and catch up and meet their adorable Β little guy. What a cutie! Look at my hubby and I practicing… πŸ˜‰

Mike and Baby Practice

'Uncle Mike' Practicing with Baby Steven

Me and Baby Steven

Just hanging out!

I’m so thankful for great friendships that grow over time and flourish despite the miles!

Are you good at keeping in touch with friends who live far away?


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