Double Kettlebell Complexes and
Renegade Rows – Videos

I wanted to share a few workout videos I made this past weekend. I was 35.5 weeks pregnant….almost 36 now! Getting so close! :)

My workouts have been going okay. Third trimester is definitely a bit tiring, but not too bad. Mostly, I’m just getting anxious to meet my sweet little boy. I’m still getting in about 5 workouts a week (probably more like 3 decent ones and 2 where I just want to move/sweat/stretch). I’m also taking walks most days in addition. I am finding that I feel a lot better when I am up and around, but need to make sure that I take breaks. I overdid it a bit on Sunday…made these videos, took a long walk with a friend, went grocery shopping and to Babies R Us. Paid for it a bit on Monday with some pelvic pain/pressure which the doctor said is definitely normal.

Below are a few exercises that I’m still loving!

Video 1: Double Kettlebell Complexes

Please note: these exercises are not appropriate for everyone during pregnancy. I was very fit before I got pregnant and have been blessed to be able to work out during my entire pregnancy. These exercises aren’t something you should just up and try if you haven’t done them before…preggo or not. View these same kettlebell exercise combinations in these videos (pre-pregnancy) from August 2010. I can’t believe how different I look!

Video 2: Renegade Rows

  • Rows with two 15LB dumbbells

This is a great exercise! It helps with core stability as well as strengthening almost all of the muscles in your upper body. You’ll even utilize your legs since you use them to stabilize your body.


    • Use hex shaped dumbells (or you can use kettlebells, but dumbbells are safer/easier…not the round ones though for obvious reasons)
    • Squeeze your butt and don’t twist your hips (twisting makes this exercise ineffective and too easy)
    • Start with feet further apart and then as you get stronger, move them closer together
    • You can also add in a pushup between each row to make this more challenging…no pushups on the ground for me due to the size of my belly right now :)

PS – Don’t mind the loud music in the background….next time I need to remember to turn it down! :)


  1. Just discovered your blog today via #fitblog daily. Love that you have been able to exercise during pregnancy. My little guy is 15 months old and I exercised throughout pregnancy also. He was born 7 weeks early, but was healthy and came home within a week! I definitely believe exercising during pregnancy (if you can) makes for an easier delivery and you are able to bounce back quicker afterwards! Congrats and take it easy the first few weeks. Bond with that baby! Looking forward to reading more!

    • Hi Valencia! So glad you found me here. :) That’s terrific that you were also able to exercise during your pregnancy. I truly believe it’s made a world of difference so far and I hope it helps with labor and delivery (and like you said, bouncing back afterwards!) :) I’m checking out your blog now. Funny…I am in marketing as well, but also recently started a training business with my husband. He is a strength coach and I can’t wait to be able to work more with him and pursue my true passion and help others achieve their fitness and nutrition goals!

  2. The first one is amazing! At first glance you do not look pregnant from the front, your belly is somehow hidden…and you are definitely ALL belly! Good exercises and still prefect form!


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