Sweaty Momma-To-Be

Amazingly, I had a great workout this past Sunday. I have mentioned before that during pregnancy, and especially towards the end of my third trimester, I have had some days where I feel a lot more energetic than others. Last week most of my workouts were a struggle. Saturday my bladder was killing me so much that I could barely get through an easy 20 minutes on the Arc Trainer.

Sunday, I tried again and felt so much better. Maybe it was my prenatal massage that I got the day before or the seriously huge (and not very healthy) dinner I had the night before? Perhaps I needed the extra calories to fuel a workout. :)

Monday morning I was exhausted and slept in instead of working out, but Tuesday I got back into the swing of things and did a halfway decent strength workout.

See, I really am all over the place! I’m just trying to do the best that I can and still hoping to get in 2-3 good workouts each week over the next few weeks. I’m sure there will be a few workouts where I am just punching the clock/moving/sweating a bit.

Here’s my workout from Sunday. I felt like a million bucks and it got me so excited for working out again post-baby.

Part 1:
Arc Trainer – Strength Program 5 minutes

Part 2:
One Arm Kettlebell Deadlifts – 5×5 (28K Kettlebell)
Overhead Presses – 5×5 (14K Kettlebell)

Part 3:
Arc Trainer – Strength Program 5 minutes

Part 4:
One Arm Kettlebell Swings – 5 minutes of 15 sec intervals (14K Kettlebell)

Part 5:
Arc Trainer – Strength Program 5 minutes

Part 6:
Kettlebell Snatches – 5 minutes of 15 second intervals (14K Kettlebell)

Loved this workout and will definitely be incorporating this post-pregnancy. It was a toughie and got me sweating like crazy. I was feeling strong doing deadlifts and pressing the 14K overhead at 9 months pregnant. Then I was rockin the swings and snatches at a good pace and more importantly, with good form. Felt so good.

I didn’t make a video for you all like I wanted (got in the groove and total forgot) so here’ s a quick belly shot of me yesterday…almost 38 weeks pregnant! Don’t mind the blurry pics or the wacky hair…took these quick from my computer.

38 Weeks Pregnant

38 Weeks Pregnant

38 Weeks Pregnant Side View

38 Weeks Pregnant

I’m filling out this shirt a whole lot more now than I did at 23 weeks below (taken with a much nicer camera)!

Six Pack Abs

23 Weeks Pregnant

What type of workouts make you feel awesome?


  1. Woot any day now! I’ve had three and the furthest I ever carried was 38 weeks 5 days! You look fab!

    My favourite workout while preggo (and still is) running! Good luck and have a safe and happy delivery!

    • Good for you with running! I had to stop bc I had to pee way too badly 3 seconds into running! :) We’ll see if I go early too! Sometimes I think I’m going into labor and sometimes I think he’s gonna take his sweet time and come in a month.

  2. You’re shirt is adorable!! You look amazing.

  3. I love your shirt!

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