My Brain at 40 Weeks Pregnant

Well…today is the big day! I’ve been looking forward to June 3rd for 10 months (don’t let anyone fool you about that whole 9 months of pregnancy thing). I clearly don’t need to worry about going into labor early anymore. The lil guy is still enjoying the comforts of my belly although I can’t imagine it’s too comfortable these days – he seems pretty squished!

Due Date Belly Shot

Me on the morning of my due date

I feel like my pregnancy has flown by, but then again I feel like it was 100 years ago that I announced I had a bun in the oven. It’s fun to look back and see the things that I loved about being pregnant and it’s exciting to know that soon enough I won’t be missing these things anymore!

My brain has shifted into overdrive. I feel like I always need to be doing something as if I am literally going to have no time at all once the baby gets here. Maybe it’s good I think like that because that way I’ll be pleasantly surprised when I can still manage to get anything done. :) I just keep thinking about how any hour/day now my life is going to change for good…BIG TIME. So wonderful, crazy and exciting!

I have been trying to be patient and confident that our baby will come out to meet us when he’s ready. I seem to be alternating days where I feel terrible and where I feel amazing. Some days I can barely pick something up off the ground and other days I can still workout like I did in this video from 39 weeks! This week it’s literally been an every other day pattern. Maybe that’s a good sign that I’m getting close!

A few random things…

My nesting instinct is in full force. Whether I do anything about it or not depends on my energy levels on any given day. I love washing the adorable little boy clothes – it’s so much more fun than washing adult clothes. We’ll see if this changes over time as I have more and more laundry to do. (I’m guessing yes.)

Over the last few weeks I’ve noticed that an absurd amount of people find the need to comment and distribute unsolicited advice to me. Strangers and acquaintances have told me when I should stop working, whether I should get induced if I’m late, whether I should get an epidural, how much time I should take off from work, what type of child care I should have for when I go back….on and on.

A few things I learned in a weekly pregnancy email from this past week…

  • My uterus is 1,000 times larger than when I conceived! WOAH.
  • My breasts are 2 – 3 times larger than when I conceived and have each gained about 1.5 pounds.

And the last random Friday thought…

As I have gotten bigger, I have to laugh when I instinctively try to ‘suck in’ to squeeze by something or someone. It doesn’t work when you’re pregnant. That belly ain’t going anywhere ragardless of how hard you ‘suck’. :)

What makes you feel like your brain is in overdrive?


  1. Mandy, you look incredible! I’m sure you are an even more radiant momma now…I can’t wait to meet the newest addition to our clan! Big love and hugs. :)

  2. I am so excited for you Amanda! I loved reading your updates along the way and I can’t wait to read more exciting news soon!

  3. Amanda, you look AMAZING!!! Wish I kept up with working out throughout my pregnancy :-( I can’t suck my belly in either, obviously, but people keep expecting me too, especially on public transportation. Um, there’s a baby in there, it’s not just my stomach. Sorry, she’s kind of staying where she is…

  4. I could suck in my belly in up to the end of my pregnancy. It was freakish. I had to promise my family and friends to stop doing this. I have no idea how it was possible, though.

  5. You look so gorgeous! Can’t wait for the BIG announcement. :)

  6. Jessica says:

    Congratulations Amanda! You look great! I’m so happy for you :)

  7. The “suck in” comment – what a riot!! YAY on making it to 40 weeks!!!

  8. Any day now!! :)
    I’ve tried to suck in before too… how silly!

  9. Jody Pupecki says:

    Congrats on making 40 weeks! I hear you about unsolicited advice…just hang in there although once the baby is born I am sure you’ll then start getting advice about how to raise him, feed him, get him on the “right” schedule, etc… :) It never ends!

    Can’t wait to meet Baby Perry!

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