Breastfeeding Journey Update

My first post on breastfeeding, The Truth About Breastfeeding was quite popular so I figured I would do a follow up post.

As I mentioned, I nursed Connor for about 5-6 weeks. During that time he was a really great baby. Then for about a week he was constantly fussy and screaming a lot. Come to find out he was just hungry! I know how he feels…sometimes when I am hungry I feel like screaming too!

Since that time I have been pumping and giving him bottles of breastmilk. I give him one formula bottle in the middle of the day and have just in the last few days started giving him a formula bottle at night as well. I think the combination we are doing is working out really well for both of us. I skip pumping during one feeding a day which gives me a break and now that I am doing 2 formula bottles I should have enough breastmilk to freeze some each day too.

I have also gotten a lot more comfortable pumping in the car. I use my nursing cover and either park somewhere away from a crowd or do it on the highway while hubby is driving. How’s that for time management?

Part of me feels like I should be nursing him once or twice a day for the bonding experience, but he has just been so happy with what we are doing I don’t feel like messing with a good thing. With a newborn, if something ain’t broke don’t try to fix it. :)

Feeding a newborn

A few additional tips on feeding:

  • The Keurig coffee maker is the best bottle warmer in the world. No microwaving or boiling water and no stressing about whether the bottle will get too warm. It gets to the perfect temperature whether you leave it in there for 5 minutes or 15 minutes.
  • Beware of the hunger beast. Sometimes it hits hard and fast. Connor can go from happy and silly to hungry and fussy within a matter of minutes. It helps to have a few extra bottles lined up in the fridge and ready to go!
  • Pack extra formula and/or breastmilk if you are going out for a long time. We had a spillage incident in the car this past weekend and I had to cross my fingers that I could pump enough milk to satisfy my hungry kid until we were home (or stopped off and bought some formula).
  • Bibs are good. When Connor was nursing he didn’t spit up too much, but with bottles you never know if he is going to have some serious spittage or if he will be ok. Bibs are easier to change/wash than a million outfits. (Don’t get me wrong..we still go through plenty of outfits.)
  • Something the doctor never really told me until I had a screaming baby is that if your baby is drinking every last drop of the bottle every time he’s ready to move up 1/2 or 1 ounce. My piglet ate a whopping 7 ounces at one of his feedings today. I think I’m in trouble when he’s a teenager. I have a feeling we’ll have quite the grocery bill.

For a few other great posts from some awesome ladies on their Breastfeeding stories/thoughts, check out the following:

What am I missing? C’mon mamas… I bet you have some more great tips!


  1. Wait, I don’t understand! I have a Keurig – but how do I use it for a bottle warmer?

  2. My little guy has been eating 7 oz at night too! I thought it was too much at first I’m glad he’s not the not the only one! We actually started giving Caden a bottle of expressed milk for his last evening feed. It gives me a break and seems to be working well! You seem like your doing a great job and have found something that works for you both :) nice work mama!

    • Oh good…I thought my man was just a totally piggly wig for the amount that he’s eating! Sounds like you are falling into a routine and doing what works for you as well. A break is an amazing thing when you are used to nursing all day long isn’t it? :)

  3. Totally agree with the Keurig as the best bottle warmer! Sometimes ours did make it a little too hot so be careful! I use to pump while driving to work :) Hahaha! Glad all is going well.

    • I think all Keurig machines might get to different temps. My parent’s didn’t get quite hot enough, but like I said, ours gets it to the perfect temp and never overheats it. LOL :)

      WOW – how did you pump and drive? Tips please??


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