Exercising After Having a Baby

As I mentioned before in my post about fitting in workouts with a newborn I started working out pretty soon after having a baby, but took it very slow (for me). Being consistent with working out has helped keep me positive and given me some time to focus on myself. I have briefly mentioned how I approached working out after having Connor, but promised more detail. :) Over the last 2 weeks I have really gotten back into my workouts and I am so pumped.

Kettlebell Goblet Squat

The first week after having a baby I was pretty sore and exhausted. During labor and delivery body goes through a lot and does need some serious time to heal. I focused on taking care of my new baby and eating nutritious foods. Breastfeeding was making me hungry! The second week I started taking a lot of walks with my baby and did some very light upper body workouts. I even did a few short sessions on the Arc Trainer (I’m talking 5 minutes at a time).

By the third and fourth weeks I was working out again, but keeping my workouts short and using lighter weights than before. If anything felt weird at all, I stopped immediately. I didn’t do anything with a lot of jumping, or bouncing and didn’t do much in the way of lunges and squats (for obvious reasons). I was still able to sweat quite a bit and started doing tons of planks and push/pull exercises (push ups, chest press, and TRX rows). I was able to do longer sessions on the Arc Trainer to get some conditioning in and even jogged lightly a few times. When I started jogging I would just run for a minute and then walk a minute. Next,  I upped that to jogging two minutes and walking to one minute.

By July 4th, which was exactly a month after my son was born, I was feeling really great and able to do some decent workouts. I went to the track with my husband and did a workout that included kettlebell swings and running around the track (not quite as hard core as our track workouts last summer though!). I also started doing a lot more lunges and squats again and even my favorite exercise, the kettlebell snatch! :)

I was surprised to find out just how sore I was after giving birth and how weak my core was even though I exercised throughout my entire pregnancy. I’m working hard to build my strength as I get back in shape. My husband wrote a workout program for me which I started today and I am so excited about it. Believe it or not, he has never written one for me before! I always write my own, so it’s fun to switch it up and train a bit differently than I am used to. Not to mention, he’s a pretty incredible strength coach and personal trainer so I’m always willing to take his advice. :)

It’s a  a 3 day program. I will do these workouts 3 or 4 days a week (if I want to do a 4th day I just start back at workout 1) and if I feel like doing any other workouts on my ‘off days’ it will probably be running or other conditioning. Although after today I am pretty beat already. These workouts are no joke! :)

Here’s one of the workouts for an example:

Turkish Get Ups (kettlebell exercise) 3×3
Heavy goblet squats (either single or double kettlebells)
  • Reps: 10, 8, 6, 4, 4 increase weight each set
DB chest press
  • Reps: 10, 8, 6, 4, 4 increase weight each set
Heavy Kettlebell Swing ladders:
  • 10 swings with the 24k
  • rest for :45 or so
  • 10 swings with the 20k
  • rest for :45 or so
  • 10 swings with the 16k
  • rest for :45
  • 10 swings with the 14k
…repeat 4 times
Core work of choice

My husband and I had a chat about setting goals. I told him that right now my goal is to get back in shape, but then decided that I needed another goal as well. I have a fun announcement about what that goal is coming up early next week as long as I get the ‘all good’ from my doctor on Monday at my 6 week appointment. How time flies!

Oh…and you can also do goblet squats in the living room holding your baby for weight. :)

Goblet squat with baby

What are your workout goals? Do you follow a program or do you just wing it?


  1. Well done you look great, and holding your baby as you squat is a great way to exercise. Ditch the kettle bells. Good look with achieving your new goal also.
    Justin recently posted..Funny Excuses Irish People Make For Not Exercising

  2. Hey girl! You look fantastic and your little man is adorable!! :)
    Way to go with the workouts – you’re definitely right, they are no joke! I really enjoy kettlebell classes. Ours are built on programs though, so they’re progressively more difficult each week. I am also following a program getting ready for RKC. I guess I enjoy the structure so I have something to compare myself to – to see that I’m making progress! Fun goal, huh? HKC?? 😉


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