Banishing the Baby Bulge: Month 2

Did you miss my first baby weight update? Read about my one month progress.

On August 4th Connor turned 2 months old. I feel like I have known him way longer than that and as you can imagine, I can’t even picture my life without him anymore. Now that I look back on my time with him, the entire first month is a total blur, but things got way easier and more fun during the second month. I started to figure him out a bit more and we got into a good routine. It’s getting a lot easier to take him out for longer stretches now that I am more comfortable packing all of his things and changing/feeding him outside of the house.

Although we are extremely lucky because we are blessed with a really happy baby, getting used to the new job of being a mom 24 hours a day still takes a lot of patience (some days more than others!). I am also trying to be patient with myself as I attempt to get back in shape and fit in my pre-pregnancy clothes again.

I wish I could continue to show you an amazing transformation every month like I did last month, but it’s just not realistic (obviously). One of the toughest things for me to deal with is the major slow down in weight loss and progress with body measurements. However, things are still moving in the right direction even without taking any drastic measures and I am really happy with my progress.

Workout Update:

I am working out quite a bit and getting strong which I love. I am also able to run again although I’m mainly focusing  on strength training and kettlebell training.

Baby in Kettlebell Onesie

Nutrition Update:

I still have days where I am really hungry and other days where I am not nearly as hungry. I think it has a lot to do with breastfeeding (or pumping and bottle feeding in my case) and also with my tough workouts I have been doing three times a week. I’ve been eating really well for the most part, but still enjoy plenty of treats and love to have a glass of wine before dinner some nights. I have been eating giant salads filled with massive amounts of veggies and grilled chicken, beans, avocado, fruit, etc. I am infatuated with strawberries this summer and as usual I can’t get enough of oatmeal (cold and hot) and protein shakes.

Progress Pictures, Weight and Measurements Update:

I don’t think you can see a huge difference in my progress pictures this month from last month, but my arms, stomach and back are all slowly becoming more defined again and additional clothes are starting to fit each week which makes me happy. I have about 7 more pounds to lose to get back down to my prepregnancy weight. There’s also quite a bit of ummm should we say reshaping that I’d like to see happen. I think my boobs have gotten even bigger than they were right after I had Connor (I didn’t even think it was possible!) so I have to remember that when I am done breastfeeding I’ll probably lose a few pounds just from that area alone. (I’m not sure if this is something to get excited about…? :))

So, there’s the update. I feel good. I look better. I’m getting strong. I have a lot of energy. I feel motivated. I’m signed up for the Hardstyle Kettlebell Certification. Things are good.

Am I super thrilled with the numbers below? Not really, but I know things are moving in the right direction and I would rather lose 1.5 pounds in a month and keep it off than lose more weight and gain it all back again. Staying healthy, feeling great, getting strong and fitting into my clothes are what’s important to me right now, a lot more so than any number on a scale right now. I always tell my clients to be consistent and make lifestyle changes rather than crash dieting or doing anything drastic. Slow and steady works. I promise and need to practice what I preach. 😉

First full day home (4 days after giving birth):

4 days post partum picture
4 days post partum side view

One month after giving birth:

Mom one month after giving birth
Side picture one month after giving birth

Two months after giving birth:

2 Months Postparum belly picture
Mom 2 Months Postpaartum Side View

Want to know my secret for staying motivated? Sometimes when I don’t feel like getting my workout in, I remember that I want to stay strong and healthy for someone other than myself now. Who wouldn’t want to stay healthy for a lil man as cute as this? :-)

Mom and Baby 2 months postpartum


I’ll post again next month which will be just before the HKC. I just found out yesterday that someone I played soccer with in high school is also attending. FUN!


  1. You look amazing! Seriously. I don’t think I’ve seen any 2 month postpartum women look as awesome as you. Keep up the good work!

    • You’re so sweet…thanks Jen! Pregnancy seems to be fitting you very well. You’ll have no problems postpartum! Looking forward to hearing more about the rest of your journey! :)

  2. You look fantastic Amanda! Being where you are 2 months after becoming a first time mum is an awesome effort! Gosh, I think at least the first 6 months of being a mum was a blur for me! LOL Keep up the great work! I completed my HKC about 6 months after the birth of my first baby and am so glad I did it. After the birth of baby #2 (early Jan) my goal is to obtain my RKC – hopefully at the end of 2012! Kettlebells rock!

    • Thanks Nicole! That’s awesome that you got your HKC pretty soon after having a baby too! Who knows…maybe in 6 months I’ll look back and think it was all a blur too, but that first month was a REAL blur even compared to the 2nd. LOL

      Keep me posted on your progress with your pregnancy (how are you feeling?) and with the RKC. I’m hoping to sign up for the April one very soon. :)

  3. You look awesome, Amanda. Keep up the good work :) PS. Love Connor’s kettlebell onesie!

  4. You look fabulous! I love reading your blog because I’m right behind you with my 6 week old! I agree that first month was a blur and it is so nice to get in that groove where you are starting to feel like a functioning human being again :)
    I am starting mom & baby pilates this week via a DVD so will be curious to see how the concept of incorporating one’s baby into a workout will go…
    Anyway, glad to see you and your family are doing so well! XO.

    • Thank you Audrey. :) I’m glad to hear you are all doing well and that’s awesome that you’ll be starting pilates! Let me know how it goes! :) XOXO right back at ya!

      • Amazing progress! You look healthy, happy, and very motivated to stay on track to reach your goals. I have worked with new Moms and yes it takes time, effort, and work, but you all are so determined. I find new Mom’s very easy to work with. :) Great job and I’ll continue to follow your progress on Twitter!

  5. Samantha Shepard says:

    Don’t stress, believe me the inches come off… it just takes some time. I technically weighed less after my first but my body was just different. And for some people their body doesn’t return to shape until after they finish breastfeeding… so be patient. The most important thing is that your baby boy is doing great and you are way ahead of most moms in the body department.

    I will not be posting pictures of myself online 2 months after having the baby, lets just leave it at that.

    • Aww thanks. :) I’m actually not all that stressed about. I am really happy that I’m feeling so great just 2 months after having a baby and pumped that a lot more of my clothes are starting to fit. I have heard that about breastfeeding mamas.

      How are you feeling? Did you find out if you’re having a girl or boy?


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