I Signed Up for the RKC

If you follow my blog you probably read my post a few weeks back announcing that I signed up for the Hardstyle Kettlebell Workshop (HKC) coming up in September.

Well, guess what? I’m taking my goal one step further! I bit the bullet and signed up for the RKC in April 2012! It’s a 3 day kettlebell certification with some pretty intense strength requirements to pass. I’ve been making some great progress with my strength training so I know I can get there. It’s about 8 months away, but I figure I grew a baby in just a bit more time than that so I can definitely train for the RKC. Yesterday I did another killer workout from my new program that hubby designed for me and I didn’t bonk like I did last week! :-)

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the RKC, it’s no joke. I am going to have to train my butt off which is going to be a challenge since I’ll be back working full time, training clients a few hours a week, blogging and most importantly, being a mom and wife. I guess I will learn just how good my multi-tasking skills really are over the next year. I’m going to have to make my workouts count since I will be shorter on time than I ever have been before.

I will be following my current strength program for another few weeks and then I’ll work with hubby to design my next month of workouts. I am definitely getting a lot stronger, but have a long way to go to be able to pass all of the RKC tests.

This was the closest attempt that I made at the kettlebell snatch test (about a year ago)…completed in plenty of time with a 14K kettlebell. I’ll have to do it with a 16K kettlebell at the RKC unless I weigh less than 123 lbs, which is possible, but I can’t bank on that one. Watching this now, I see that my form was not good, but it has come a long way since then even being pregnant for the majority of the past year. My knees did an extra buckle and my arm goes too far back/head too far forward at the top lockout position.

My form is a little better in this video even though I was almost 34 weeks pregnant (holy belly!) and

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it’s definitely better now. By April hopefully I’ll be using good form and snatching the kettlebell much more effeciently.

Our bank account is not thrilled with us at the moment with all of the money we’re spending on certifications, but spending money on education is so worth it. I want to be the best trainer possible so that my clients can learn and in turn successfully achieve their goals (without getting injured)! Plus, it’s awesome to have goals for yourself. This is a pretty dang good one for me. I’ll keep you posted on my workouts and progress over the next 8 months. Wish me luck!

Do you spend money to continue your education or further your success?


  1. Hi! I also signed up for that RKC.. the one in St. Paul? Hope to see you there!

    tracking my progress at shed30rkcprep.tumblr.com :)


  1. […] Workouts are going well. I finished the second strength program my husband designed for me. We also did a great track workout this past weekend. I’m taking my HKC this weekend so this week I have been taking it pretty easy. Next week I’ll start my next round of strength workouts…slowly starting to work towards being ready for my RKC. […]

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