Work-ING and Work-OUT Updates

Time is flying. Like really flying. What happened to summer? How did my baby get so big? How is my maternity leave already over? How is this coming weekend Labor Day?

My first day back at work after maternity leave went okay. But a normal length day felt very long and I couldn’t get to that daycare fast enough to pick up my little monkey. Of course he was sound asleep in the swing when I got there so the reunion wasn’t exactly a party. 😉 He had a great day at daycare and they said he is a very happy baby (duh).

Happy Baby Boy

He was really overtired after daycare and the morning after, but he slept a lot and we’re back in action. I think he just needs to get accustomed to his new routine. Hopefully Mr. Nosey will be able to quell his curiosity long enough to nap soon! He spent most of the day Monday laughing at the little boy who’s learning to walk and falls a lot (apparently my baby is already making fun of the other kids!). :)

As far as time flying, I also can’t believe it’s been almost 3 weeks since I started this second set of strength workouts when my hubby left me this sweet note in the morning.

Kick Butt Hot Mama

I have been doing 3 workouts a week (although one week I did 4 because I needed to get a different schedule before starting work). Im trying to get strong, banish the baby bulge (3 month update coming next week!) and prepare for my HKC. Then I will start preparing for my RKC which I’ll take on in April 2012!

I’ve done this strength workout 4 times since August 11. Besides the one day where I really bonked during my workout I have been feeling good. Some days I definitely feel stronger than others and I am starting to wonder if I was feeling like super woman the first day I did this workout because I haven’t been able to Goblet Squat the same weights for the same number of reps since!

Turkish Get Ups 3×3

  • First Workout – 10K Kettlebell
  • Fourth Workout – 14K Kettlebell for 2R/L (12K for first on each side)

Barbell Deadlift    (5 reps,4 reps,3 reps,2 reps, 1 rep (increase weight for each set))

  • First Workout
    95LB x5    |  115LB x4  |  125LB x3   |  135LB x2  | 145LB x1
  • Fourth Workout –
    125LB x5 | 135LB x4   |   145LB x3  |  155LB x2  | 165LB x1

Dumbell Chest Press   5×5

  • First Workout – 35LB Dumbells
  • Fourth Workout – 35LB Dumbells

Heavy Goblet Squats   (8 reps, 8 reps, 4 reps, 4 reps)

  • First Workout
    Double 12K kettlebells for sets of 8  |  Double 14K for sets of 4
  • Fourth Workout
    Double 12K kettlebells for sets of 8  |  Double 14K x3 and x2 (finished reps w/ 12K)

Kettlebell Swings 10×10

  • First Workout – Double 10K kettlebells
  • Fourth Workout – Double 12K kettlebells

Chin ups (Grease the Groove w x4)

  • First Workout – No assistance x4
  • Fourth Workout – No assistance x10

I’m psyched about my strength gains. The fact that I was able do more than double the amount of chin ups and deadlift 20lbs more over just a few weeks is pretty amazing. I purposely stuck with the 35lb dumbells for the chest press because I have been nursing a bit of a shoulder?/pec?/bicep tendon? issue. Today is a much needed day off from working out.

Speaking of days off….I’m so looking forward to a long weekend with some of our bestest friends. Connor gets to meet his new friend Steven! Well they kind of met before, but Connor was still in my belly!

  • Any good workout progress lately for any of you readers out there? Brag away in the comments!
  • Any good plans for Labor Day?


  1. Sounds like the first day back treated you alright. I still can’t imagine leaving my little guy. I think working mothers are amazing! Your little guy is so cute! What a great smile!

  2. I’m coming over to thank you for commenting on my comment on Jess’ blog (eatdrinkbreathesweat)! It helps to see the perspective of another woman who has gone through the workout/pregnancy dilemma. it looks like you’re well on your way to a rockin post-baby body!!

    Also? Your little monkey is adorable!!! I feel blessed that I’ll be able to be a stay at home mom…no daycare or anything. That must be so hard! Kudos to you!

    • You’re right – it’s fantastic to talk to other new moms and pregnant women…about working out and really about everything! Pregnancy and childbirth is unlike anything else and we all need to help each other out. :)

      That’s fantastic that you’ll be a stay at home mom. You’ll love it! :)

  3. Oh my what a sweet baby and how cute is that photo. So sorry the maternity leave is over so soon, I am missing the feeling of summer already too, bummer. Love the workout notes, thanks for sharing.

  4. Thanks so much. :) I’m so sorry it’s over too, but trying to remember that I have a pretty amazing life so why complain!! Glad you’re enjoying the workout notes. Thanks for saying hi!

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