Banishing the Baby Bulge: Month 4

Did you miss my first three baby weight updates?

Things were a little crazy last week with extra appointments and just general day-to-day life…sorry for the delay on this post!

Fortunately we followed up the crazy week with a great weekend. We went to dinner and bowling with friends on Friday night (yay for an adult night out!) and spent the rest of the weekend up in NH for some quality time with the family! We went apple picking…man do I love apple picking.

Apple picking with baby

I am still in disbelief that my little man is now 4 months old (I’m sure I’m going to say this for the rest of my life). We went to the doctors on his 4th month birthday. He weighs 15lbs 9oz. Let me just tell you…that seems giant since he was only 6lbs 9oz when he was born. What can I say, the kid loves to eat.

Silly baby and apple

I’m starting to adjust more to being back to work and having about 65 million roles in life. Some days are much better than others. Some days I feel like I have things under control and other days my hormones seem to take over and I have meltdowns about one thing or another.

Some days I hear about the art projects Connor is doing at daycare and I am happy he’s being exposed to extra learning opportunities. Other days he gets an injury report at daycare and I am so sad that I wasn’t there to take care of him.

As far as my physical post baby weight loss progress, I’m slightly frustrated with where I am at. I had a physical last week and actually asked my doctor if she thinks I could just be holding on to extra weight while I am nursing. She said that happens to many women so I have a feeling I may just not get where I want to until I am done nursing. The focus for now is to keep getting stronger. :)

Workout Update:

Workouts are going well for the most part besides a few nagging injuries (knee and shoulder). Both are getting better and I’m starting a new program at the end of this coming week that I’m excited about. I’m definitely getting stronger. I nailed 3 chin ups in a row and also did an unassisted pull up for the first time since my first trimester. I got over a major mental block in working on my kettlebell snatches this month.

Turkish Get Ups are still a work in progress. I need to work on my shoulder stability so that I can stop re-injuring myself! I am trying to practice what I preach and spend more time foam rolling, warming up and doing corrective exercises. It really does help!

Nutrition Update:

I’ve been eating mostly great (with a few weaknesses), but as mentioned above, I don’t think this is really the issue. I eat great 80-90% of the time and should really be losing weight. My weight is lingering around 127-129 pounds so as I mentioned, I’m starting to think I need this extra weight while I’m nursing (pumping). I’m trying to keep being patient and doing what I know is good for my body. Patience is hard.

The other thing that I’ve noticed is that there are some days I feel ridiculously hungry. Nothing can satisfy the hunger beast on those days…I’m hoping once I am done nursing the hunger beast will make fewer appearances which would help a lot with shedding the last few pounds.

Progress Pictures, Weight and Measurements Update:

Not feeling

much of a difference here. Some days my clothes feel like they’re starting to fit better and other days, not so much. My midsection is still very different than it used to be, but I can feel it getting strong and slightly more firm as the days pass.

I know I have an awful lot on my plate right now and the changes I want will come in time. Some of the measurements moved a bit in the right direction this month. The scale did not. The line on my stomach is almost gone…yay!

First full day home (4 days after giving birth):

4 days post partum picture
4 days post partum side view

One month after giving birth:

Mom one month after giving birth
Side picture one month after giving birth

Two months after giving birth:

2 Months Postparum belly picture
Mom 2 Months Postpaartum Side View

Three months after giving birth:

Postpartum weight loss 3 month progress
Postpartum weight loss side view after 3 months

Four months after giving birth:

four months postpartum baby belly
mom 4 months postpartum picture


Hopefully this next month I’ll be a little more used to my crazy schedule and will make more progress. I don’t want to be discouraging on my blog, but I do want to be real. I’ve been frustrated and feeling a bit negative about my progress, but when I look at the big picture I know things are going well and I will get there! On days when I feel frustrated, I just look at this face and it really does make it okay. I am so blessed to have a healthy and super happy baby boy.

Smiling baby boy in the fall sun


  1. Wow! You look amazing! My daughter is 12 months old and I STILL haven’t been able to lose the last 7 pounds. When I weaned my body changed yet again.
    Keep up your hard work girl:)

  2. I understand your frustrations, but from an outsider’s perspective- I think you look fabulous!!
    And it’s so nice to hear that the belly line fades- mine still looks like I went nutty with self tanner- ugh πŸ˜‰

  3. I think you look GREAT!! Although I will say I too hit a bit of a wall around month 4. And I also kept a little softer in the tummy until I weaned. That could definitely play a role for you too.

  4. Looking good “Hot Mama” =)…miss you!

  5. elizabeth m says:

    Girl you look great three chin ups a pull up that’s awesome! Look at what you are acomplishing ! Ari always tells me when im frustrated with a workout the goal is the goal! Amanda our goal is the RKC! Xoxoxoxo

  6. You look SO great, seriously. I am sure its frustrating if you see that scale and don’t love the number, but honestly? You look great and that is a GREAT weight if you ask me. And to your point, you are juggling a TON right now, so if there is still work to be done in your mind, just give yourself a little break and realize that you are doing all that you can (and then some!) all while balancing being a great mom to your little one. :-)

    • Thank you so much…you’re definitely right that I’ve gotta give myself a break. Don’t we all? :) I don’t even usually care much about the number, but when it means my clothes still aren’t all fitting…I care. πŸ˜‰

  7. Agreed! You really do look fantastic! :-)

  8. You look great! And your little guy is so precious! I had no idea you could hold on to extra weight while breastfeeding- thanks for being so honest!

    • Thanks Jen! I don’t think it’s true for everyone, but I definitely think it’s true for me and I have heard others who’ve had the same experience. Hope you’re feeling great. Almost time!! :)


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