Banishing the Baby Bulge: Month 6

Ummmm yes …that is one half of a year. My baby is halfway to becoming a 1 year old. Yikes.

Sorry for the delay on this post, but life has been a little (a lot) busy. I’m anxious about some major changes going on over here, but reminding myself that we are so blessed and we are where we are supposed to be. :) We had an AWESOME kettlebell workshop this weekend. We had 7 attendees of all different ages and abilities and I think each and every one of them were able to learn something.

baby with kettlebell

Did you miss my other baby weight updates?

Connor is doing really well. He’s sitting up on his own now and started eating cereal and veggies this month. (Not french fries!) He’s definitely a ladies man at daycare and I think he secretly likes the fact that most of the other babies right now are little girls.

I’m feeling great about my weight loss progress. The one thing that still bothers me is that my stomach still feels bloated at the end of the day. It feels normal in the beginning of the day, but seems to expand much more easily than it used to.

Workout Update:

Workouts are going well. Two weeks ago I had a killer day with chin ups. I did a set of 4, five sets of 3 and then felt so good I decided to try my first weighted chinup ever (with 10 pounds)! Last week I decided to go for it again. I did a set of 4 chinups, 8 single weighted chinups with 10 pounds and finished up with 4 additional chinups (sets of 1).

I also did my first Turkish Get Up with a 16K kettlebell. My double swings are looking a bit better and my one arm swings feel really good. I’ve been working towards my snatch test (100 snatches with the 16K kettlebell) and I’m getting so much closer to reaching that 5 minute mark.

I’m starting some new workouts this week. My main goal is to keep getting stronger for the RKC.

Nutrition Update:

My husband and I decided that we both needed a little kick in the butt to start eating better. I generally eat very well, but I really want to dial it in a bit more and get where I want to be.

We did a 24 hour fast to start things off. We ate an early dinner on Saturday and then ate again on Sunday evening. That was a few weeks ago and since

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then we have been following the Precision Nutrition guidelines more closely than normal. Basically, I’m eating every 2-3 hours, having protein at each meal/snack, and eating starchy carbs only during the 3 hours or so after a workout. That said, I haven’t been perfect and I don’t tell my clients they need to be either. I’m shooting for about 90% compliance.

Progress Pictures, Weight and Measurements Update:

I lost another few pounds this month. I’m still happy that I took the slow and steady route to losing weight because I haven’t had to go on any crazy diets (which would in turn make me go crazy) and I know I’m much more likely to keep this weight off. At least until I am pregnant again…not anytime soon for those of you who are curious.

My pants are all finally buttoning so that makes me really happy. The one thing that is still driving me nuts is that my belly feels bloated in the afternoon and evenings. I’m working on this by dialing in my nutrition (see above) and working on my core strength.

I don’t think the pictures look much different this month, but you can see a lot more definition in my shoulders if you look closely. I do think I’ve made awesome progress this month (especially during the last 2 weeks), but I have to say the pictures aren’t really showing much change. It might have something to do with the big meal and several glasses of wine I had the night before I took them. Whoops. Just keepin it real friends. Remember that 90% compliance thing I mentioned above? πŸ˜‰

First full day home (4 days after giving birth):

4 days post partum picture
4 days post partum side view

One month after giving birth:

Mom one month after giving birth
Side picture one month after giving birth

Two months after giving birth:

2 Months Postparum belly picture
Mom 2 Months Postpaartum Side View

Three months after giving birth:

Postpartum weight loss 3 month progress
Postpartum weight loss side view after 3 months

Four months after giving birth:

four months postpartum baby belly
mom 4 months postpartum picture

Five months after giving birth:

mom 5 months postpartum
mom losing baby weight at 5 months postpartum

Six months after giving birth:

Mom side view at 6 months postpartum


How are you keeping your nutrition in check and getting your workouts in during this busy time of year?


  1. Hi. You look fantastic and I am jealous. I have gained 45pounds, my pre pregnancy weight was 120lbs. My baby is 8weeks old and I am now weighing 145lbs. I want to be 115lbs and have started running on the threadmill two weeks ago. Going back to work on Monday and I have no time going to the gym (I spend 2-3 hrs on the road each day). Do you recommend any core workout that I can do at home? Is turkish get up enough? Where did you get the set of your kettlebells? Thanks.

    • Hi Meeda! Sorry for the late response…my comments were going to my spam folder. I highly recommend doing intervals and strength training if your training time is limited. We get all of our kettlebells from Dragon Door. Kettlebells are GREAT for new moms because you can do them at home and they are efficient. That said, I would highly recommend you make time to meet with an RKC a few times just to make sure you are using correct form (to avoid injury!). Also, set realistic goals…You’re not going to drop 30 lbs quickly…nor should you if you want to be healthy and keep it off. Let me know if you have more questions/want to talk more. You can always email me at amanda at skillofstrength dot com.

  2. Came across your blog via a twitter rt! You look fantastic. Are you training for the snatch test with the 16k but planning to use the 12k? Your weight is so close. Just curios that is what I did when I did the RKC last year. I’m ended up coming in at 123.5 exactly that day. I was really glad to use the 12k bc the bells for all the other drills were based off our snatch test. I’m really struggled with those weights! I cried 8 or 9 times that daY for numerous reasons. IT’s funny looking back! You sound much stronger than I so it probably won’t be as hard for you. :-) good luck!!!!

    • Hi! Thanks so much and glad you found me here. :) I am training w/ the 16K and hoping to use the 12K, but don’t want to bank on it since my pre-pregnancy weight lingered between 123 and 125. I’m trying to lose a few more pounds so I have a little wiggle room there. :) WOW…you must have been freaking out if you came in right at 123.5. That’s probably going to be me too. LOL

  3. Inspirational… I was working out with a trainer and made all the difference in the world. She made me do those Turkish Getups, but I think that doing those make you stronger in getting up off the floor with baby.

  4. Oh I totally see a difference in the pics – especially in your tummy and waist, you look so lean and toned, you are awesome!!

  5. You look so good! Agree, nice flat tummy! And you are focusing on everything right. Moderation, refinement, and strength. Awesome!

  6. Your tummy looks so flat! And I’m glad you’re enjoying some wine- all about balance, right? :)


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