A Sparkly Giveaway!

Hope you all had an awesome weekend. I was able to get away Saturday night with a few of the best girlfriends in the world for an amazing (and much needed) massage, a lovely dinner and some girl time.

Now I’m hopping back into Monday and reality, but that’s okay because this Monday is starting off with not just sparkle and not just a giveaway, but a sparkly giveaway! Why reserve sparkles for the weekends when you can wear them all week long!

Headbands for working out

As part of the FitFluential Ambassador Program, the folks over at Sparkly Soul sent me two of their headbands to try out and let me tell you, these things rock. I’m a huge fan of headbands, especially for working out, but as most of you have probably experienced, it’s tough to find one that is comfortable, cute and stays put. Well, hold tight (no pun intended!) ladies because I think we may have found our match!

Sparkly Soul Thick Black Headband

One thing I’ve learned about being a mom is that your beautiful, thick pregnancy hair starts falling out around 3 months postpartum. Between that and a son who loves to pull hair, I’ve been wearing mine pulled back these days more than ever. These headbands are great for working out and cute enough to wear around too! So far I have a thin silver headband and a thicker black headband and I love them both. I may have to go back and get some colorful ones!

Non-slip Workout Headband

Want to try one for yourself? You never know, these may be just the ticket you need to run faster, lift heavier and even score more dates with guys from the gym. 😉

Sparkly Soul has agreed to give one of my lucky readers a thin headband AND a thick headband. You choose the colors!

Here’s how to enter to win! (You can do more than one of these to enter multiple times.)

  • Head over to www.sparklysoul.com and tell me what headband color is your favorite in my comments below
  • Follow Sparkly Soul on Twitter @SPARKLYSOULINC (& tell me you did in the comments)
  • Follow me on Twitter: @amandamaryperry (& tell me you did in the comments)
  • Follow my blog (& tell me you did in the comments)
  • Tweet about this giveaway with one of the following Tweets (& tell me you did in the comments):
    • I wanna win a @SPARKLYSOULINC headband from @amandamaryperry! Enter to win: http://www.sistasofstrength.com/?p=5282 #FitFluential
    • I entered to win a @SPARKLYSOULINC headband from @amandamaryperry!  http://www.sistasofstrength.com/?p=5282 #FitFluential

You can enter until Tuesday Feb 7th at 10pm and I’ll announce the winner on Wednesday, February 8th. Good luck!

Please note: Sparkly Soul sent me two of  these headbands for review. I was not compensated for writing this post and all opinions are my own.


  1. I LOVE this dark purple and the silver head bands! I think they are super cute and will match my new running sneakers! I have NEVER (and I swear, I’ve tried them all) been able to find a head bank that fits me…I’m hoping this is the one! I am now following you and Sparkly Soul on Twitter and I’ve tweeted about your giveaway…I’m also following your blog (which, thanks to a Sparkly Soul google search, I stumbled upon!) XxFingers CrossedxX

  2. I also follow you and Sparkly Soul on Twitter!

  3. I love the pink and black headbands! I’m dying to try these since NOTHING stays in my hair.

  4. I believe I just figured out how to follow your blog.

  5. I have done everything to qualify for the contest accept following your blog only because I am not sure how to do this. I would love the sparkly black or pink.

  6. i follow your blog!

  7. I’d love to have either the sparkly black or silver headbands! so cute!

  8. I follow you on twitter!

  9. I follow Sparkly Soul on twitter!

  10. I follow you on twitter. @emcherv

  11. I follow SparklySoul on Twitter!

  12. And I follow Sparkly Soul on twitter


  13. And your twitter.

  14. I also follow your blog.

  15. I love the hot pink and the gold bands (even though gold isn’t a usual color for me!)

  16. I like the green and silver ones! :) I am running a marathon next month on March 18- This would be a perfect addition!

  17. i also follow your blog :)

  18. i follow @sparklysoulinc as well!

  19. I follow you on twitter

  20. I love the blue and the silver! my fingers are crossed :)

  21. I follow on twitter

  22. I love the orange!

  23. i followed you on twitter :)

  24. I follow Sparkly Soul on twitter :)

  25. i LOVE the purple!! :) and both of the pinks.

  26. I tweeter about the giveaway! Thanks for hosting!

  27. I follow Sparkly Soul on Twitter

  28. I follow through Goggle Friend Connect

  29. I love the new brown sparkles and black satin headbands :-)

  30. Catherine says:
  31. Catherine says:

    I follow your blog via GFC (as Cat)

  32. Catherine says:

    I follow you on Twitter too! (as picatasi)

  33. Catherine says:

    I follow Sparkly Soul on Twitter! (as picatasi)

  34. Catherine says:

    I like hot pink!

  35. Love the black and gold bands!

  36. I follow you on twitter :)

  37. Black and purple! Love ’em

  38. I’m loving the red and silver!

  39. Ooooh! I love the purple, the silver and the black! (I know you said two, but they’re all so sparkly and pretty!) Followed you both on twitter and retweeted! :-) (Sammy’s mama – work with your mom :-))

  40. I would love the silver or purple (if they come in the two sizes). I love your blog!

  41. i follow your blog too!

  42. i follow you on twitter

  43. i follow sparkly soul on twitter

  44. I like the black one the best–goes with everything!

  45. Jennifer c says:

    I follow sparkly soul on twitter :-)

  46. Tara Olson Sundie says:

    I would love love love an ice pink and a black headband if I am lucky enough to win! It’s awesome that they stay in place!

  47. Tara Olson Sundie says:

    I Tweeted the giveaway!

  48. Tara Olson Sundie says:

    I follow @SparklySoulInc on Twitter!

  49. Tara Olson Sundie says:

    *Of course* I follow you on Twitter!

  50. Bernadette Chan says:
  51. Bernadette Chan says:

    Following your blog on my feed

  52. Bernadette Chan says:

    Following you on Twitter as @bchan5720

  53. Bernadette Chan says:

    Following Sparkly Soul on Twitter as @bchan5720

  54. Bernadette Chan says:

    I <3 the Hot Pink and Ice Pink Bands! Bring on the pink!

  55. I love the Thick Black and the Thin Gold Headband. Perfect for everyday!

  56. I follow your blog! I love it!

  57. I would LOVE to find a headband that doesn’t slip when working out! I checked out the colors and would love either black, silver or dark purple :) I follow your blog, I followed you @amandamaryperry and @SPARKLYSOULINC on twitter and I tweeted I entered to win a @SPARKLYSOULINC headband from @amandamaryperry! http://www.sistasofstrength.com/?p=5282 #FitFluential. Thanks for being such a motivation to stay fit, Amanda!

  58. Kristen B. says:

    I like the thick violet headband

  59. I tweeted about the giveaway!

  60. I follow you on twitter! :)

  61. Such a fun giveaway, I love all things sparkly!! I’d go for the hot pink one, no question!!

  62. Love this giveaway! so fun. And your arms are rocking in the first pic!! awesome! I tweeted (and already follow you and your blog!)

  63. I’d love the silver one! I’ve heard that these headbands are awesome. Julie at PBFingers raves about them too :)

  64. I follow you on twitter!

  65. I follow sparkly soul on twitter

  66. I am in love with the Gold one!!!

  67. I follow your blog on Google

  68. I now follow you on twitter =] @meghanohara

  69. I follow Sparkly Soul on twitter

  70. Love the gold and the purple!

  71. Life As Wife says:
  72. Life As Wife says:

    Sistas of strength is in my reader!

  73. Life As Wife says:

    Already follow you on twitter @samkanatzar

  74. Life As Wife says:

    I’m a plain Jane! Love the black sparkle.

  75. following you on twitter: @jfong1130

  76. I followed sparkly soul on twitter! @jfong1130

  77. I love the gold and black sparkly ones!

  78. I love violet and black!

  79. Following you on twitter too!

  80. Following SparklySoul on Twitter!

  81. Oh man, I love them all! I think I’d want orange, red, or green.

  82. I love the hot pink little one and the sparkly black bigger one. would LOVE to try these since my bangs never seem to stay put!

  83. Aaaand I sent a tweet about the giveaway :-) Thanks, Amanda!!

  84. I followed them on twitter!

  85. I love the emerald green one!

  86. Also, I follow your blog

  87. I like the black one

  88. And… I twat that 😉

  89. Followed on Twitter @amandamaryperry

  90. Followed on Twitter @sparklysoulinc

  91. I love the silver and ice pink!

  92. I also follow your blog in my Google Reader

  93. I also follow you on twitter

  94. I follow @sparklysoulinc on twitter (my twitter handle is @cyu888)

  95. I love the black and hot pink ones!

  96. I really want one of these things, actually 2, silver and black. I am also now following you and sparklysoul on twitter. I also tweeted about the giveaway.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  97. I’d like the pink one!

  98. And I tweeted about the giveaway. I am determined to win these things!!! :)

  99. AND I follow your blog. (Do I get an extra entry for being in several Facebook groups with you too?) :)

  100. Oops. That should have said @sparklysoulinc. I also follow YOU on Twitter! :)

  101. I follow @sparklysoul on Twitter!

  102. Watch out – I am about to enter in every way possible. I’m so bummed I missed out on this w/ Fitfluential. I am DETERMINED to win me some sparkly head bands! I really want a black and silver one!

  103. I like the silver and hot pink

  104. I also follow you on twitter, and your blog is in my RSS reader AND I follow sparkly soul on twitter :)

  105. Ahhh! I love sparkly things!! I’d LOVE a black sparkly one like yours in that first pic, they are so cute!!

  106. Christine Maloblocki says:

    I’m obsessed with the Black one – think it is so cute… and if it really doesn’t slip?! That is bananas!

  107. I follow your blog, see I told you I really want to win 😉

  108. I follow you on twitter

  109. I follow SparklySoul on twitter

  110. I tweeted the giveaway :)

  111. I love the ice pink & silver colors. I have been dying to try these since NO headband ever stays on!


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