Banishing the Baby Bulge: Month 7

My sweet little man is 7 months. Time for another post baby body update!

Baby Boy at Seven Months

Did you miss my other baby weight updates?

Connor is getting to be such a big boy. He sits up for long periods of time and has discovered that if he’s lying on the ground he can arch his back and use his legs to scoot across the floor. I’ve seen signs of crawling and I have a feeling it’s in our very near future. (Note to self: must get on that whole childproofing thing.)

Picture of Baby Looking at Computer Screen

In other news, mama is feeling great. I became a FitFluential Ambassador and I booked my hotel and flight for the RKC in April. Ummm…feels like April is coming fast. How did that happen?

Workout Update:

Workouts are going well. I PR’d my weighted chin up again this past weekend by using a 10K kettlebell. The weekend before I did (and videoed) a chin up with an 18lb kettlebell. My goal here is to be able to use the 16K which is about 35lbs. Yes, I realize I have a way to go. Don’t burst my bubble.

My kettlebell snatches need some help. My husband took pictures of me doing these when we were on vacation over Christmas/New Years and pointed out that I have an issue with my neck position. I look down instead of at the horizon and this is proving to be an incredibly difficult habit to break since I have been doing kettlebell snatches for years. As always, I’m a work in progress!

Nutrition Update:

I’ve been eating awesome and I’m feeling great. I’ve eliminated most gluten from my diet and the only dairy I eat is cheddar cheese. (Did you know there is no lactose in cheddar?) I feel better, much less bloated and have had a decent amount of energy. You know, relatively speaking for a full-time working mom with way too much on her plate. 😉

Progress Pictures, Weight and Measurements Update:

I lost another 2 pounds this month. My weight fluctuates a few pounds even day-to-day, but in general it’s moving in the right direction. I honestly could care less what the scale says since I’m at a healthy weight, I’m feeling good and my pre-pregnancy clothes fit. However, I am a bit more focused on this number than I would normally be since my goal is to keep my bodyweight under 123.5lbs for the RKC. Right now, some days I’m under, some days I’m over.

I think I look a bit more lean in the most recent pictures and I am seeing less bloating which I know is because I have been a lot more diligent with eating clean. (I kind of hate that phrase, but it gets the point across.)

First full day home (4 days after giving birth):

4 days post partum picture
4 days post partum side view

One month after giving birth:

Mom one month after giving birth
Side picture one month after giving birth

Two months after giving birth:

2 Months Postparum belly picture
Mom 2 Months Postpaartum Side View

Three months after giving birth:

Postpartum weight loss 3 month progress
Postpartum weight loss side view after 3 months

Four months after giving birth:

four months postpartum baby belly
mom 4 months postpartum picture

Five months after giving birth:

mom 5 months postpartum
mom losing baby weight at 5 months postpartum

Six months after giving birth:

Mom side view at 6 months postpartum

Seven months after giving birth:


Are you feeling extra motivated now that it’s a new year?


  1. Amanda,
    I just stumbled on your site and am one month away from our due date! As a competitive crossfitter, my focus is beginning to shift from keeping active during my pregnancy to getting back into top shape after pregnancy! Your blog is amazing and while my husband reassures me daily that I WILL get my abs back, it’s good to see some living proof! Thank you and keep updating! Good luck with your RKC!!

  2. You look AWESOME!! I love that you aren’t overly stressing the scale (despite your goal for RKC) and focused on the lean and toned look instead. You look fabulous, great job!!

    • Thank you! As long as I am treating my body right and feeling strong (and fitting into my clothes), I’m happy with that. Like you pointed out, I have a different reason for paying attention to the scale – a 35lb kettlebell or a 26lb kettlebell in April! :)

  3. You are, 100%, my post-baby-body inspiration! Here’s to hoping I look as awesome after 7 months post baby!

    • You’re so sweet. I’d like to tell you it’s about hope…but it’s definitely about hard work. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s easy, but also don’t let anyone tell you it’s impossible. :)

  4. Amanda, you look awesome! I’m sure you will rock your RKC (exam? test? evaluation? thingy?). I can’t believe how big Connor is getting! He has so much personality in his smile!

    • Jaya – thank you! It’s a 3 day kettlebell certification. :) Connor is a beast. I can’t believe it either considering he started out pretty small and hubby and I are not big people! haha

  5. You look great Amanda!

  6. Wow, you look fantastic, yet again! I also love that cheddar has no lactose since I am a bit intolerant, though have found I have gotten better and better with it!

  7. Just stumbled upon your blog and loved this post. I like the before and after pictures. The video of the weighted chin up is super awesome. Connor is just darling! Thanks for sharing.


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