Chin Up PR and Pregnancy Workout Flashback!

So I really haven’t been talking much about fitness and/or my RKC preparation. Life has been crazy busy  with our gym opening soon …and still working full time and take care of my 8 month old baby!

That said, it’s time for an update! Here’s one of the workouts I have been doing in my current program.

Overhead Walks

30 seconds R/L x4 – 16K kettlebell



Kettlebell Swings

8×5 – 36K kettlebell

Clean Squat Press Combo

4 Ladders of 2 (R/L), 3 (R/L), 5 (R/L) – 12K kettlebell for most, but used 14K for last 2 ladders on the right and a few reps on the left

Alternating Swings

4×20 – 24K kettlebell x3 and 20K kettlebell x1

At the end of this workout last week I decided to see if I could do 5 chinups (one option for part of the RKC testing…the other option is a flexed arm hang). I banged out 6 pretty easily and I’m confident I could have done at least 7 or 8 if I did them at the beginning of my workout, maybe more!

Here’s the Clean Squat and Press Combo with a 12K kettlebell. I can do this on the right with a 14K, but need to work on my pressing form on my left.

Funny to think that 1 year ago this was me working out. This is from January 31, 2011 and I was just over 22 weeks pregnant.

Someone else has been training in his own little way. Mom is scared.

Baby Boy Learning to Crawl

Baby Pulling Up on Toy

Now, let’s hear about your workouts. What have you been doing?


  1. I have been following your blog for a while and I love it. You are definitely very impressive. I’ve set a goal for myself to do one full Pullup and it’s great to see you do them. Any suggestions for someone who is trying to just be able to do one. :)

    • Hi Elsie – That’s a great goal! I would start with chinups before pullups (they are generally easier for people) and work on 2 things. Use a band for assistance (let me know if you’re not sure what I mean) and also work on the negative. So jump to the top or have someone assist you and then work on coming down as slowly as possible.

  2. Amanda, awesome job! Your chins are from a legitimate dead hang! I really miss being able to do chins and pull ups, but I am totally inspired to recapture my strength when the time is right, post-baby. Meantime, I am loving following along with your progress. You seem so incredibly focused. It reminds my of my professors telling me that Moms are always the best students because they truly don’t waste any opportunity to get homework done and be present in class! Your cleans look awesome, too. I love still being able to do so much with the KBs, even with 7.5 months of baby growth on my front and watching your videos is great for studying technique!

    • Wooo Jaya you are getting close! So excited for you. :) Happy to hear you’re still able to work out this far along and I’m sure you’re going to have no trouble getting your strength back after your baby is born!

  3. Wish we could workout together! We would tear it up, pregnant or not pregnant!

  4. You. Bad ass. That is all.

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