Easy or Great?

This is not rocket science, but I’m going to say it anyway. Most things that are great are not easy.

For one, let’s take getting married. My life was easier in a lot of ways before I was married. I had one person to worry about. My money was my money. My time was my time. I did what I wanted without checking with anyone else.

Next up, let’s take having a child. My life was easier before I had Connor. I had a lot more time in each day and significantly less worry. I didn’t have the extra bills of daycare, baby food, diapers, formula, etc. If I wanted to sit on the couch all night after work or meet friends for dinner I was free to do so. Now my nights are filled with feeding Connor, playtime, bathing him, giving him his bottle, tucking him into bed and getting both of our things ready for the next day.

Lastly, let’s take working out, specifically training for the RKC. It is certainly easier to sleep in than it is to use my mornings to train. It’s easier to set my alarm for 6:30am instead of 5:00am. It’s easier to take it slow on the Arc Trainer or swing some light kettlebells than it is to constantly push myself to get stronger and be better at each exercise.

Well, what the heck? If things were easier before then why the did I change my life so drastically by getting married, having a baby, and deciding to train for the RKC?

Simply put, I’m striving for a life that is great, not a life that is easy. I want to be a better me. I want to be the best person I can be and for me that includes being a great wife and an awesome mom. (I’m not perfect at either

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of these jobs yet…I’m a work in progress and always will be!) Being the best me also includes being a personal trainer and kettlebell instructor so I can share my passion for fitness and nutrition, helping others become healthier by working with them on their nutrition and exercise habits.

In order for marriage to work (and make my life better) we have to work at it. Every. Single. Day. We have to continuously learn how to respect each other and support each other. We have to learn how to work together on things like making money and most importantly, caring for our son. I mentioned that when I was single my time was my time and my money was my money. Well…that is good and easy, but it’s also awesome having two incomes so we can afford things like a mortgage. It’s also nice to have someone to spend my time with!

Mr. and Mrs. Perry Wedding Picture

Since having Connor my life is so much busier and more stressful, but it’s also filled with so much more love. I can’t imagine my life without this special little guy in it and I can’t imagine not being able to watch him grow up. I can’t wait to see what type of child and eventually what type of man he becomes. Actually, scratch that, I can wait awhile…stay young sweet baby!! :)

Baby Boy Playing With Learning Table

I didn’t have to sign up for the RKC, nevermind sign up for the RKC being held 10 months after my son was born. I didn’t have to take my HKC in September, just 3 months after having giving birth. However, I loved the idea of having a challenge as a great way to get back into shape after having a baby without focusing solely on my weight and/or fitting into my clothes. I’m now stronger than I have ever been in my life and very happy with where my body is at physically. Pretty great, right? Not easy, but great. Hopefully I’ll stay healthy and continue getting stronger and working on my form over the next 2 months so that I can pass my RKC! That will be pretty great too.

HKC Instructor

What in your life is great, but not easy?


  1. girl you got that right! this might have to be a daily reminder for me as well. thank you!

    • I definitely need this as a daily reminder…especially lately with so much on my plate!! When I’m overwhelmed I try to remember life is good and there is a reason I’m doing all of these things! :)

  2. Loved your post! So so true and exactly how I feel as well. It is all a lot of well worth it work! It’s nice to see other women in the same boat. I have a 7 month old and signed up for an Ironman when I was 8 months pregnant. I totally relate with the hard work!

    • Wowee…look at you! When is your Ironman? CJ is a little over 8 months and it’s definitely getting very busy with him more mobile and wanting to get into everything!!! I’m sure you can relate…or will be able to soon. :)

  3. Wow I love the wedding pic! great dress, but yeah marriage can seem like an every day war. Just hang in there! it’s worth it in the end.

  4. Amanda, thanks for this valuable reminder! I think people area always tempted to think that things come “easy” for others. People feel compelled to tell me that I’ve been “lucky” to stay “skinny” during my pregnancy. I don’t feel the need to explain that I eat the very best I can and still train with purpose, but I’m tempted…
    I can certainly relate to what you’re saying when I think about my thesis. I’m finishing up grad school, organizing an academic conference in March and also have a research job. It’s all tough and very demanding, but it’s incredibly gratifying and makes me feel like I’m really fulfilling my life’s purpose. Needless to say, marriage also involves a lot of work, but the anticipation of a baby definitely keeps the romance alive :) Thanks for sharing your thoughts – this is such a great post!

    • HA…exactly! I got a few comments about how I was lucky I got back in shape after pregnancy. It wasn’t luck! It was a ton of hard work staying fit during pregnancy and even more work getting back in shape afterwards. Sounds like your plate is pretty dang full right now too!!

  5. AMEN!! Working for greatness is always worth it. Why take the easy road? I especially agree with you as it relates to marriage. It’s hard work. But it’s worthy work. And that little nuance is an important one in my mind. EXCELLENT post!

    • Yes yes yes! Sometimes people tell me I’m lucky we have a great marriage. And my response is …YES…I am lucky that we met, but our marriage is only good because we work at it every day!!! :)

  6. I LOVE this post and the messages within…it’s not about the easy road, it’s about the right road, the challenging road, the one that will provide the most quality and ultimate satisfaction, when you think about it. We can all choose easy, it takes guts to choose the great (but harder) path.

  7. Susan @ Real Life Travels says:

    All of the above … Well besides the studio / kettle bell thing :) life is def harder but it sure is awesome! And it’s going to be even harder throwing another baby in the mix … but so worth it!

  8. Tara Olson Sundie says:

    Such a great post … Thank you! My husband and I were just saying that we wished your studio was closer!

  9. I wish I could show this post to many people in my life. People always tell me how lucky I am and they don’t listen when I tell them how hard I work to get my happiness. Awesome post. Can’t wait to try KB’s at your gym!!!!

    • You can show it to them or at least share the message. I always tell people that it might appear things are perfect for someone or that they are just lucky, but most people have to work really hard to get anything truly great. Can’t wait to meet you and I think you’re going to love it at Skill of Strength. :)


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