Five Ways to Get Fit and One Way to Save Money

I’m going to be a woman of few words on my own blog this morning, but you should head on over to check out the guest post I did for the For Two Fitness blog this morning: Five Ways for New Moms to Get Fit.

If you’re not familiar with For Two Fitness, they make those great shirts I wore for working out when I was preggo…

Six Pack Abs

And now for the great money-saving tip I figured out this weekend. I often go to Target and wind up with $300 worth of ‘stuff’ I didn’t plan on buying. (I know I’m not alone on this one!) So this weekend I ran in to pick up a prescription and get some contact solution and managed to come out with just those 2 items!

How did I do it? I carried this guy!

Baby Boy Winter Jacket and Hat

Carry your 20+ pound baby instead of taking a stroller or putting him in the cart. You can only carry so much and you can only carry your child for so long! If you don’t have a baby I bet someone has one you can borrow. :)

Happy Monday!

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