RKC Preparation Video 2

Did you see the first video of my training for RKC that I posted on Monday?

I have one more video to share from this past weekend and then we’ll move onto something else for next week. :)

A few notes:

  • Not sure why on the clean and press I pressed twice on the right, but cleaned between each one on the left. I was switching it up in my training and didn’t realize I wasn’t consistent in the video either. Just like in the other video, if I look angry when I’m pressing it’s really because I am. It’s been frustrating for me lately.
  • I still need to slow down a bit on the way down with my goblet squats.

Training is going well overall. I should have put some kettlebell snatches in here. I feel like they are kind of my life right now…some days I feel great using the 16K and some days it feels so dang heavy.

I’ve been working on swings and snatches the past few days. Tomorrow is a rest day and then I’m gearing up for 3 days of good training. Less than 30 days til RKC!

How’s your training going this week?


  1. You ARE badass. So super impressive. You are going to great!

  2. Michelle says:

    You look solid in all your moves, you are going to rock the RKC! When it’s time to do your strength test, I think you should bust out 5 chin ups rather than do the 15 second flexed arm hang! Best of luck and remember to really back off your training that last week, your body is going to need the rest in preparation for an intense weekend.

    • Thanks Michelle! I can definitely rock the 5 chinups. :) It will be super hard for me to back of my training bc my body feels better when I’m training than resting, but I know it’s important!! Thanks for the support!

  3. You are so bad ass. Seriously. Your focus is insane in these videos!!

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