Kettlebell Class with Athleta

Guess what I did yesterday?

Yes, I taught my regular Tuesday night classes (MOVE. and IGNITE.) at Skill of Strength, but I also had the pleasure of training some of the lovely ladies who will be working at a new Athleta store (opening in Burlington, MA in June!) and a special guest, Robin, who blogs over at Westford Mommy!

Robin met with the Athleta girls a few weeks ago and they all decided they wanted to try kettlebell training so Robin said she knew just the place to go. (Thanks for recommending me, Robin!)

I had so much fun meeting Robin in person after talking to her on Twitter (@robinbn) forever! (Edited: Here is Robin’s post on her first kettlebell experience!)

Amanda and Robin Kettlebell Class

Everyone was so nice and these ladies rocked their kettlebell swings today. Come to find out I also graduated high school with the manager of the Burlington Athleta store, but I hadn’t seen her since we graduated (quite a long time ago now). Such a small world.

Kettlebell Group Training in Chelmsford MA

Do you have any Athleta clothing? What do you think?


  1. Theresa Richards says:

    I have been getting Athleta stuff for about 8 years (started kettlebells almost 4 yrs & love that too!!). Athleta’s online catalogue has reviews from customers, who give their approx ht, weight, bra size, and say how the clothes fit them, so that helps me judge better without trying on. I CONSTANTLY get compliments on everything I’ve worn from Athleta, and a few years ago there was some survey or requests about store locations. I got their email about the Burlington store and I was so excited!! I want to go to the ribbon cutting!
    If you haven’t tried their stuff, don’t wait any longer.

  2. Nice! Way to spread the good word about kettlebells.

    I’m browsing the Athleta site now. I’ve never gotten anything from there, but they have so many cute clothes!

  3. Okay, Jess and I have to come and try it…we must! We keep saying that, but now that I see these pics and how great of a time everyone had (NOT that I am surprised!), I wanna! Maybe we do a little trade, come to barre n9ne and try it, and vice versa! How fun?!

  4. I saw this on twitter and was INSTANTLY jealous. SO COOL that you got to work it out with Robin and the ladies of Athleta. I LOVE their stuff! Can’t wait for the store to open!!

  5. I had so much fun yesterday and now I am hobbling around. What a great workout! I can’t wait to go back, though it may have to wait until after my marathon. :) Thanks again for having us. I am even more amazed at your training and certification you did recently. I can’t imagine the work you put into that! And Connor was so sweet, I am so glad I got to meet him as well.

  6. I LOVE Athleta!!!! I do a ton of ordering from them, online! That sounds like so much fun Amanda!!

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