My One Year Old Baby Boy

How did one whole year (and one day!) go by already since this happened?

Mom in Early Labor

Crying Baby Right After Birth

I remember being wheeled to a recovery room with Connor on my lap. It was surreal…he was incredibly tiny and precious and I couldn’t believe I was his mom.

Mom and Newborn at the Hospital

He was also a pretty happy little guy right from the start.

Newborn Baby Boy in Hospital Hat

I’ll never forget getting him ready to go home from the hospital. I brought a gown without thinking that the car seat strap had to go between his legs. What a rookie mistake!

Baby Boy Going Home from Hospital

I also remember feeling so awkward sitting with the carseat in the lobby waiting for Mike to get the car. I think that’s when it really hit me. Connor was my baby. Not a friend’s baby, not a nephew, but my son. Yes, labor and delivery were intense (and very real), and so was our time in the hospital, but you have so much help those first few days that it’s hard to really make sense of everything.

Baby Boy Heading Home in Carseat

We have come a long way since last year at this time. At this point it’s safe to say I feel more awkward without my little sidekick than I do with him. I love my little buddy so much and I can only hope he always loves his momma too.

Here’s a few pictures highlighting our first year as a family of three.

Newborn Baby on Vacation

We spent so much time on the couch with the boppy during the first few months!

Baby Boy Holding Soccer Ball

Apple picking in New Hampshire with mom, dad, grammy and grampy.

Baby's First Time Apple Picking

Learning how to blow rasberries (and making the funniest faces ever).

Baby Boy Blowing Rasberries

Learning to eat…and loving food!

Baby's First Time Eating Solids

First Halloween (and power outage).

Baby as Monkey on Halloween

First Thanksgiving.

Baby's First Thanksgiving

First Christmas.

Baby with Stocking at Christmas

First Valentine’s Day.

Baby Boy on Valentine's Day

First time playing in the snow.

Baby Playing Snow

First St. Patrick’s Day.

Baby on St. Patty's Day

First Easter.

Baby with Mom on First Easter

First haircut.

Baby Getting First Haircut

Baby After First Haircut

Baptism at New England Chapel.

One Year Old Baptism

First Birthday party (a few weeks early).

Baby Boy at First Birthday Party

First boat ride at Lake Winnipesaukee.

Baby in Lifejacket for Boating

This past Sunday afternoon we took Connor to the aquarium to celebrate his Birthday. I think he liked the excitement of being in the city and around a lot of people more than anything, but it was a lot of fun.

Baby at New England Aquarium

Connor –

Happy Birthday to the sweetest boy on the planet. I love you so much. Thank you for making me such a happy and proud mom in just one year!

There is no better way to start and end my day than being with you. I love walking in to your room in the morning and seeing your face light up (and sometimes seeing you jump up and down with excitement). I love sitting with you when you’re drinking your bottle before bed. You are so peaceful at the end of the day and you love your sleep (not always at naptime, but pretty much always at night). Thank you for that. :)

You’re truly a happy baby and I pray every day that part of the reason for your happiness is because you know how much your daddy and I love you. You make our lives so much better, more interesting and full of love.

As much as I want time to slow down, I’m excited to see you continue to learn and grow.



  1. Hi Amanda,

    Just found your blog while searching for “french fries” on google. And let me compliment you that your blog is really interesting. What made it even more interesting is the fact that both of us delivered around the same time. I delivered last year in July… I almost went through most of your articles…and could almost relate to all you said.. The best part about your blog is that you are so truthful that any mother would be able to relate to some if not all of the thing said in them. As i read your first birthday article … I should say it got me all excited as I will be celebrating my Sons first birthday next month. Keep writing … you are good!!

  2. aww! I love reading your retrospective on Connor’s first year! I think the moment when it hit you would be the same moment it would hit me too! Wow. Crazy what a difference a year makes, I bet, huh? Happy birthday to SUCH a cute and happy baby!!

  3. Happy 1st birthday to Connor!! He is really just SO adorable.

    Also a huge congrats on surviving year one of motherhood!

    Hope you both had a great day celebrating :)

  4. So sweet. Happy Birthday to your little man.

  5. Kristen says:

    Happy birthday Connor! I love this post, it’s so sweet! It’s amazing how much they grow up in a year! And how fast it all happens!

  6. Aww!! I love this post. So beautiful. You are such a loving and proud mom!! He is the CUTEST too, I love all the pics. Happy birthday little guy!!

  7. Such a sweet post! So many amazing firsts during his first year, but many more still to come. Happy Birthday Connor!

  8. This is so sweet! Happy birthday little guy!

    I felt the same way you did; so awkward w/him in the beginning! And yes, now it’s weird being w/o him!

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