The Worst Excuse

There are a lot of reasons people don’t exercise and some of them are good ones. Sick kids (or parents), injuries, complicated pregnancies, etc. can all be good reasons to throw in the towel training-wise for a little bit.

Side note: I’m not saying that during times of stress (physical or emotional) you should let everything go. In fact, I think it’s during times of stress that it’s even more important to eat well and take care of yourself in other ways (foam roll, stretch, sleep, walk, etc.) so that you stay relatively healthy and when you can get back to working out it’s not so difficult. Besides…you know your results are based off about 80% nutrition and 20% exercise, right?

Stay Healthy When Stressed

Then there is another list of reasons that people come up with as to why they don’t work out. Let’s call these ones what they are – excuses. You’ve heard them (and maybe even used them). I’m talking about things like I’m too busy, I work too much, I have kids, I’m too tired, I hate running, I hate the gym, I can’t afford a gym membership, and my all-time favorite I am not in good enough shape to go to the gym.

Honestly, I hear this one all the time. If feeling uncomfortable at the gym is keeping you from working out you are not alone! People tell me they are embarrassed to go to the gym because they are out of shape and there are too many fit people at the gym. I tell friends or others I meet to come try one of our classes at SOS (you can try a MOVE class for free any time local MA friends) and one of the most common answers I get is “I really want to, but I am gonna have to get in shape first.” I have to explain that the beauty of our classes is that we can modify exercises for almost anyone and you can always take breaks if you need them.

Feeling Uncomfortable at the Gym

A few tips to feel more comfortable going to the gym:

Getting Comfortable Working Out At the Gym

The other huge thing to remember, whether you are trying out a new class or just working out on your own at the gym, is that people are seriously so worried about their own training, how they look in their new shirt and whether people are judging them that they won’t even notice you.

Have you ever felt like you needed to get in shape before you went to the gym or joined a certain class?


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    Erica recently posted..Body Step Launch & Kaylin Happenings

  2. Good point on asking a trainer – often I think its the lack of knowledge that we’re “doing it right” that makes us fear the gym, like people will be staring at us and laughing. Getting that confidence from having a trainer show you a simple routine of even 5-6 exercises that you can perfect is a great start. And like you say at the end – often nobody’s even thinking about or looking at you, they’re daydreaming about their own hangups!
    Chris recently posted..Cat-skinning for fat loss

  3. I LOVE this post and the message behind it. Absolutely agree with you. There is always going to be an excuse or reason, the difference is making it a CHOICE to do it for you, no matter what shape you are in, there is always a way.
    jobo recently posted..Lakation.

  4. I think this is a great post. For me I’d rather take a really hard class and be challenged. I may not be able to do everything but I’m going to do the best that I can and work so that the next time I do better. I don’t consider it a failure if I can’t complete something, it’s progress. I think it’s a mind set for some people they feel as if they failed if they can’t do something and won’t even begin. I know plenty of people like this.

    In many things in life I find that you only get better by being around people that are better than you. That inspires me to keep going. I completely agree with you about using fit people as motivation instead of as a deterrent.

    • Darn right – progress, not perfection. I had someone in class last night who is just getting back into the swing of things (literally since it was a kettlebell class ha) and he said that his goal is to be able to complete the full hour-long class before he leaves for vacation in 2 weeks. Progress. :)

      Love your thoughts…it’s wonderful to hang out with people who inspire you and stay the heck away from people who bring you down!
      Amanda Perry recently posted..The Worst Excuse

  5. I listen to excuses all the time for why people don’t run because it isn’t easy for them like me. It drives me crazy because many of us started where they did and had to push past the mental part of do I belong? Now I find myself making excuses to work out instead of not like I did in the past.
    Robin recently posted..How I Spent My Summer Vacation

    • HA…I always find excuses to workout too. :) I’m cool with people giving me a reason they don’t want to run or doing want to train with kettlebells or don’t want to bike, but find SOMETHING and do it.
      Amanda Perry recently posted..The Worst Excuse

  6. I absolutely agree. It makes me sad when I hear friends and family utter the same words. Or worse – that they are just ‘meant’ to be overweight and try to justify their weight problem that way. My other sister is that way, she’s in this place where it’s too daunting to attempt weight loss so she tries to claim she’s happier being overweight instead of trying to make a change. It makes me so so so sad to see her that way. But i know that I can’t do it for her, SHE has to want it. I just am SUCH a fixer, I want to fix fix fix even though I can’t. Know what I mean? (and whoa, sorry for the tangential blog comment!!)

    great post. xoxo
    Jess recently posted..Of (fit) bucket lists and things

    • It is so hard when someone you love is stopping him/her self from being the best (and healthiest) he/she can be. I totally know what you mean about wanting to fix, especially since you love eating healthy and fitness so much and you just want everyone too. All you can really do is let her know you’re there if she’s ready. Maybe she could start slowly with taking walks or doing something at home?
      Amanda Perry recently posted..The Worst Excuse

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