20 Minute Kettlebell Ladder Workout

I needed (okay, more like wanted) an efficient workout Tuesday morning. I ran three miles on Sunday, which was really random for me. Then I did a strength workout on Monday so by Tuesday I wanted something quick and not too tough on my body.

I spent about 15 minutes warming up and doing some turkish get ups before deciding on a quick kettlebell swing ladder and snatch ladder workout.

20 Minute Kettlebell Ladder Workout

My little man woke up just as I finished and we took a 20 minute walk before eating breakfast and heading out for a play date.

quick fat burning kettlebell workout

If you like the workouts that I post, but don’t know how to swing a kettlebell, I highly recommend you sign up for a workshop at SOS. (We have one this Saturday at 10am for $30.)

If you’re not local I’m sure there are RKC’s in your area and I’m happy to help you connect with someone.

Why? Because kettlebells are amaze-balls. Yes, they are just another workout tool, but you can use them for so many different exercises and can complete a great workout in very little time, still burning a butt-load of calories. Check out a few previous posts about why I think kettlebells rock for new moms, and why I think kettlebells are better than running.

Do you train with kettlebells?


  1. I think the workout you created worth a try. I would like to know how powerful it is. I’ll do that this coming Tuesday. Thanks for sharing this workout.

  2. I have a new found love affair with kettlebells. I have just one, but am ready for my next purchase. I was always someone who was very meh about strength training. Now I love it so much. I don’t know how that kettlebell does it, but it makes the hard work fun!


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