Hot Track Workout

This past weekend was hot and humid…just the way I like it!

I think I mentioned that I was taking it easy as far as lifting heavy last week. I took a bit of extra rest time, went for walks and did a few light strength training workouts instead.

Saturday CJ and I went for a 4 mile run/walk in the morning. It was hot hot hot even early in the day!

Sweaty Mom and Happy Baby After Walking

Later we went to the great little beach town/city of Newburyport, MA (where I was born). We had a really nice time walking around and grabbing some food.

Photo of father and son in Newburyport

Sunday is when I usually take a rest day, but this week I hit up the track for a seriously sweaty kettlebell track workout that went something like this:


  • A bit of mobility work
  • 3 light TGU’s L/R
  • Jog 1 lap around the track slow (1/4 mile)
Workout – Part 1
  • Goblet rack carry 100m (straight part of the track)
  • Lunges 50m and jog 50m back to where you started
  • Walk 100m back to the kettlebell
    …repeat in the other direction
  • Jog around the track
Workout – Part 2
  • Suitcase carry 100m
  • Jog around the track back to the kettlebell
    ….repeat in the other direction with the other hand!
Workout Part 3
  • Goblet Rack Carry 100m
  • Jog around the track back to the kettlebell
    ….repeat in the other direction!
  • 90 swings (for 90 degrees) however you want! I did 3 sets of 20 and 2 sets of 15.

Don’t worry…I still got that rest day in. I took yesterday off from working out besides a little walk with my guy.

I posted this on facebook yesterday so some of you may have seen it, but honestly my child has some serious moves so I had to share it again.



  1. And your little one is SO CUTE!!!
    Tracy (bristowmom1) recently posted..Why Kettlebells? Well, doc, it all started . . .

  2. Dude, that’s a TOUGH workout! good on you! The video isn’t working here! I’ll have to check it out on Facebook 😉
    jobo recently posted..Run-imations: run-mesia

  3. Love this! I’ve been incorporating carries and static holds into my workouts a lot. This one sounds a lot like what I do at our wellness center (Plan X)–alternating track circuits of racked/farmers/overhead carries with rounds of Engum’s Deep Six RKC prep workout. Lots of sweat, for sure! Or like my neighborhood workout, when I take Ivan and Stefan for their morning walk . . .
    Tracy (bristowmom1) recently posted..Saturday’s Workout: a KB Roadtrip!

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