The Friday Five: Getting In a Groove

Last week was the catch up edition. This week I’m finally getting back into a groove after summer and our vacation. Notice that I didn’t say I was caught up…that’s unlikely to ever really happen when you have a business and a one year old. That said, this was the first week of my new real schedule and I love it. I’m so happy and so blessed that I get to {finally} do what I love and as a super huge bonus I also get to spend more time with this munchkin man.

Happy Toddler on Play Car in Playroom

Five Things About This Week and Getting Back

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In a Groove

1. I love routine, but I’m learning to go with the flow a bit more and that every single day doesn’t have to be the same. It’s been fun having a different schedule each day and trying to create more of a weekly routine instead of a daily routine.

Mom Running Alone Without Baby

2. Even though I have different work/childcare/chore schedules each day I still try to go bed and wake up at around the same time (just like CJ does). Keeping the same(ish) sleep schedule during the week and on weekends is really great for your body and mind.

One Year Old Drinking Bottle Before Bed

3. I watched X-Factor the other night only because Britney Spears was on it. I actually really liked it.

Side note on Britney: My high school had a class trip to Disney right before we graduated and they kept the park open all night for us and a ton of other high school seniors. Britney Spears performed and called one of my guy friends up and sang to him.

4. Thank you so much for all of your support on my first friendship post yesterday. I’m really looking forward to the series and seeing what everyone has to say about friendship!

5. I still feel a little bit guilty if I go to the grocery store or take CJ somewhere fun in the middle of the day because for my entire adult life I have worked during the week 9-5 (usually longer hours, but you get my point). Even though I have had jobs where I worked from home, I rarely took advantage of the situation so it’s still in my head that I should be working during those specific hours! Sometimes I forget that I’m my own boss now.

Owning a Gym and Working as a Personal Trainer

Tell me one random thing about your week!


  1. Savor being your own boss! It’s one of my goals for the future (though I have NO CLUE on how I’m going to get to it!). I get off early on Fridays sometimes and I LOVE the feelings of shopping during the day…no crowds, can browse, and find parking.
    Maria recently posted..Things I’m Glad I Did Before 30

  2. You ARE your own boss now, seize it! You are doing what so few get the opportunity to do and I love it and love that you are so happy and thankful for it, and worked so hard to get where you (both) are today. So so awesome! And ps I love me some Britney. Don’t know why, just do. I should watch X-factor LOL
    jobo recently posted..12 redeeming miles.

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