Speeding Through Life

Does anyone else with a young child (or children) feel like you have to do everything twice as fast these days?

My days usually start with a workout. There is pretty much always a time limit on my workouts – I just try to squeeze in as much as possible before CJ wakes up.

Mom Rushing Workouts Since Having a Baby

Aside from fitting workouts in, I feel like I’m always racing the toddler clock when I am doing things like emptying the dishwasher or running errands. I try to avoid having CJ get too hungry or tired when we’re out (or heck even when we’re home) because I know he might turn into a wild man.

Rushing Errands With Kids

In some ways, it’s good. It forces me to hurry up when shopping for food, taking trips to Target or folding the laundry.

The only problem is that I find that we even rush through fun outings a lot of the time now!

Baby Eating Apple During Apple Picking

We went apple picking this past weekend and after a ton of great suggestions from Facebook friends we decided to check out Honey Pot Hill in Stow, MA. They had some animals and a cute store, but we didn’t even get to any of that because we wanted to make sure we had time for the main event, apple picking. (You may ask why we didn’t go earlier, but that’s because I wanted him to get his nap in first.)

Toddler Eating Apple Off Tree

We had to get rolling right after apple picking because we were going out to dinner and needed to get CJ home for bed.ย Rushing or not, I have to say we had a great time and CJ seems to love apple picking. It’s outside and he gets to eat, why wouldn’t he love it, right?

Dad Helping Toddler Eat Apple During Apple Picking

Side note: My only tip for going apple picking is to wear sneakers because there are a ton of bees on the ground. I stepped on one and got stung. Let’s just say it was not a great decision wearing sandals. (Hate to say it, but my husband told me so.)

Are you always feeling rushed now that you have a baby/kid(s)? What types of activities do you find yourself flying through?


  1. OUCH! I hate bees!! I want to check this orchard out, sounds like a fun day! I am the same way! I end up rushing through even the fun stuff sometimes, and then realize I am being silly. Hard habit to break I guess ๐Ÿ˜‰
    jobo recently posted..13.1โ€ฆmy way.

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