The Friday Five: Taking My Own Advice

It was a fast week. Then again, they’re all fast lately. Instead of wondering why Friday isn’t coming faster, I’m pretty much always wishing for just a little more time each day.

That said, I need to learn to slow down and accept that many things are not going to go as planned (especially now, with a one year old) and that I can’t be perfect, or even close. I need to be better at taking my own advice – embracing change and going with the flow.

Embrace Change and Going with the Flow

1. After writing a post earlier this week about being consistently better, which I swear was straight from the heart, I barely prayed this week. I also didn’t eat as consistently as I normally do. Go figure. Hopefully my post inspired someone else to be better because I guess I had a hard time taking my own advice here.

2. I’m a workaholic at heart. I always want to be better (usually a good thing, right?), but often to a fault. I need to learn to just chill out sometimes and be a mom instead of speeding through life. I still feel like a failure if I don’t get my to-do list done each day.ย 

Workaholic Mom Taking My Own Advice

3. I really wouldn’t ever tell a client to turn to spray butter as something to put on their steamed broccoli, but honestly I do it. I love spray butter.

Spray Butter on Steamed Broccoli

4. Do you workout when you’re stressed? I have to admit this is one area where I don’t struggle. I pretty much always find a way to get my workouts in, but I know many people don’t. Here’s a quickie article by the folks over at Precision Nutrition on how to plan your fitness for stressful times. (I’m not saying I’m perfect over here… I usually workout, but eat like crap and drink too much wine when I’m stressed out.)

Working Out When Stressed

5. I tried a new-to-me pre-workout on Wednesday and it made me really crazy. I felt like I had really low blood sugar all day, regardless of how much I ate. I was grumpy, wanted to fall asleep and had the worst headache. I’ve yelled at my husband for taking pre-workouts that make him feel that way before. Whoops.

Do you have a hard time taking your own advice? About what?


  1. Man, I HATE feeling like my own worst enemy in the advice department. I can give the BEST darn advice around, but take my own words and use them in my OWN life? I am AWFUL at it. SO bad. I often need to be reminded of my own words…by my sister (ahem, hehe), who in turn gives me the smack upside the head I need to come back to reality and chill out just a little bit more. It’s very hard for me to do…must be the Type A in ALL of us, huh?? Hang in there and I hope your weekend is SIMPLE!!
    Jess recently posted..#everytime

  2. I am bad at taking my own advice too, like simplifying and saying no more! I am working on it too! For balance! which I know you need and want more of too! What pre-workout did you take? that sounds awful, I hate reactions like that! I kinda like spray butter too – confession ๐Ÿ˜‰ XO, hope you get some downtime between busy-ness this weekend!
    jobo recently posted..On unexpected realizations.

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