Happy Halloween!

I hope everyone on the east coast stayed safe during the crazy hurricane a few days ago. We were lucky and only lost power for a little more than 12 hours. My sweet boy was not even phased by it…in fact I think he enjoyed it because he had extra time with mom and dad and got to wear a head lamp.

Toddler Practicing for a Power Outage

It’s amazing to think that last year around Halloween we also had a power outage and I was so upset because I lost a bunch of frozen breast milk. I remember during trick-or-treating my mother came over (not sure where Mike was…maybe working?) and CJ played on the floor the whole time!

Toddler as a Monkey on Halloween

This year I can barely even get a photo of him because he doesn’t stop moving! Although I do miss being able to leave him playing on the floor and knowing he couldn’t get too far, he has been so much fun lately.

Here’s a preview of his costume…my little boxing toddler. Hopefully I’ll get some better pictures today. (BTW – I’m sending him to daycare in his costume today because it really is the parade!)

Boxer Halloween Costume

Toddler Boxing Costume with Red Gloves

Toddler Boxing Costume with Six Pack

Crazy how much a year changes everything!

Are you dressing up for Halloween?


  1. Love the costume! I too miss the days where I could just leave my mini terrorist on a blanket on the floor and walk away for a few seconds. They are tons of fun though the more they run around and explore the world!
    Rachel – Busy Mama recently posted..I Can’t Take Anymore Dora the Explorer!!!

  2. Great costume!! Because of the storm our Halloween is postponed until Saturday. We’ll be dressing up as a gypsie and a firefighter :) Happy Halloween!

  3. One of the best costumes I’ve seen yet for a little toddler! And hey, since you sent him with it last week AND this week, you got your money’s worth, right? :)

  4. oh em gee. he is SO CUTE!!!!!!!!! LOVE the costume. and wow, what a difference a year makes!
    jobo recently posted..Resetting and rejuvinating.

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