Momma’s Priorities

So I had this post almost done and then my internet died. I’m telling you, the forces are against me blogging these last few weeks!

I mentioned last week that I was BUSY. To be honest, this week is pretty darn busy too. In fact, I think they’re all going to be this way for awhile. As a new business owner and mom of a {almost} 16 month old I think that’s just the way life goes.

A Working Mom Spending Time With Her Son

One thing I’m really trying to do is find a good balance between work and fun. I had yesterday morning alone with my son and we hung out and ran some errands. We also met up with our friends (CJ’s girlfriend) for a walk and quick play date before dinner.

Today is filled with lots of work, but tomorrow I’m catching up with a friend who I love and miss dearly. So glad she has a few days off and reached out to get together for a morning walk and coffee.

I’m really trying to remember to soak everything in and not wish time away.

Reading Bedtime Stories With a Toddler

(Seriously though, I can’t remember the last time I wanted a day to be over. It’s quite the opposite from my corporate America days when I would watch the clock and pray for 5:00pm to come faster.)

My son is growing up and he’ll be 1.5 years old in just two short months. My circle of friends is growing. I meeting new people and making new friends. My relationships with old friends are getting stronger. I’m working on my marriage every single day. I am trying to be a good daughter and sister. My husband and I are trying to get into a groove with going to church and finding more time for God in general. I’m continuing to train hard and sleep as much as possible.

Working Out When You Are Busy or Stressed

Sometimes blogging has to wait. Things that can not wait…being a good mom, taking care of our clients, training consistently and striving to find ways to be a better wife, daughter, sister and Christian.

On that note…time for some pull-ups.

Life is good. How can you be better at soaking it all in instead of wishing days away?


  1. by throwing my BLAHg away and reading very little on line…

  2. Love this post Amanda and you are absolutely right – blogging can wait. I’ve been feeling similarly lately, trying to take the time to enjoy life and time with my family amidst all the busyness. And can I just tell you that every time I see a picture of CJ it puts a huge smile on my face? He is adorable but I can’t believe that he’s almost 1.5!!
    Christine @ Love, Life, Surf recently posted..A Riff on Friday Round-Up

    • It’s easier said than done to just slow down and ENJOY, isn’t it? :) It really does make me so much happier though when I can truly let go and stop stressing. Awww…he puts a smile on my face everyday too!

  3. oh yes, soak up that time. Maybe time will slow down until he’s 2, so close!
    lindsay recently posted..WIAW: Food for Thought

  4. I love this because I can totally relate! I’m really trying to focus on the ratio between the time I spend reading blogs and the time I spend reading the Word. I tend to say I don’t have time to study Scripture, but yet I always seem to find time for blogs! :)
    Callie @ The Wannabe Athlete recently posted..A Day in the Life: 16 Months Old

    • I tell clients that they are being silly when they say they don’t have time to workout, but I have my own things (yes, like spending time with God or reading books of any kind) that I say I don’t have time for. And…maybe I do if I just re-prioritize. It’s tough to find the right balance!
      Amanda Perry recently posted..Momma’s Priorities

  5. I LOVE this blog post and the message behind it. It’s something I’ve been struggling with lately myself which you might sense in my recent posts — trying to get back to a semblance of simplicity and trying very hard NOT to overplan, overthink and rush away the days and weeks. Life is SO SO short. Great reminder my friend. I love how happy you sound right now — right where you’re meant to be, busy and all. :)
    Jess recently posted..Three years…and full circle

    • Life is really so short and it’s important to stop and take it all in sometimes (really all the time, but I know that’s not possible). I’m so glad you’re aware that you need to get back to a simple life at least in some areas. No need to live in a stressed out state all the time. I did…for way too long! :)
      Amanda Perry recently posted..Momma’s Priorities

  6. Life goes by way too quickly when you have little ones at home and taking time to enjoy every moment you can with them is so important. And I love that you are still taking time for YOU even though life is so busy as a mom and new business owner. Such a great balance.
    Robin recently posted..Runner’s World Half Marathon Weekend–Day 1

    • It goes by SO fast. I don’t want him to grow up, but at the same time I am so enjoying the journey and the little man he’s becoming. It’s so important to stay healthy…maybe even more important….when you’re busy!
      Amanda Perry recently posted..Momma’s Priorities

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