The Friday Five: Getting Uncomfortable

Have you been embracing life this week or wishing days away?

If you find you’re constantly waiting for 5:00pm or Friday afternoon, maybe it’s time for a change. I’ll be posting a lot more on my transition from corporate America, but for now I’ll just say (again) that sometimes the grass truly is greener. If you are struggling to enjoy your everyday life it may be well worth it to get uncomfortable and make a big change. You’ve heard it before, and I’m sure you’ll hear it again…the easy way is definitely not always the best way. In your case, maybe it’s not a job change you need, but maybe it’s joining a new group, forming a new relationship, starting a new fitness routine, having a baby or something else!

My husband and I have been talking a lot about getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. There is only so much success and happiness you can realize in your career, in your marriage (and other relationships), and in your training if you only do what makes you comfortable. Without stepping out of your comfort zone there is no way you’ll spread the word about your business to others. By brushing uncomfortable topics or disagreements under the table instead of talking through uncomfortable issues with your spouse, your communication will always be sub par. Oh, and those exercises you hate doing the most? Yah, those are probably the ones you need the most.

Doning the Exercises you Hate

So this week…let’s talk about breaking out

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of your comfort zone!

1. My husband and I have been talking a ton about this subject over the past few weeks. We know it’s important as new business owners to be out in the community getting to know people, especially by doing things that don’t necessarily make us feel comfortable. It will be a work in progress, but we’re taking small actions and already seeing some rewards.

I feel like the pastor at the church we went to forever can somehow hear the conversations we have and then he writes sermons (and now blogs!) to help us work through our challenges. Check out his new awesome blog called Go Left!

As a side note, I’m sure he will only have genius things to say on this blog from here on out so I’d suggest you go ahead and bookmark this site. 😉

2. Who else had something to say this week? Mr. SOS of course. Blogging and being on the computer in general makes my husband a bit uncomfortable, but he has so many great ideas to share so I’m proud of him for starting to blog more often. This week he blogged about five random (health-related) things you should do. You’ll catch a good sense of his personality and humor in this one.

3. Are you one of the many (most) of us who is obsessed with measuring? Measuring the distance you can run, the weight you can lift and the food you are eating? Oh yah, and that number on the scale? That’s a measurement too. Check out this interesting food for thought post by the lovely Lindsey. My guess is even the thought of not measuring things might make you uncomfortable…all the more reason to give it a go (at least for awhile)!

Using the Scale to Stay Accountable

4. Does meeting new people make you uncomfortable? I actually love it, but I feel really uncomfortable when someone has a weak, saggy handshake because I just want to laugh or say to them…shake it like you mean it! I’m not talking squeeze someone with a death grip (or labor grip ;-)), but just enough to at least exude a little confidence even if you’re uncomfortable.

5. Last one! Since becoming a mom I feel like there are a lot of things that probably would have made me uncomfortable before, but honestly just don’t anymore. For example, I brought CJ to school in his Halloween costume on Wednesday because I thought it was Halloween parade day. Yah, it wasn’t. The parade is next Wednesday (on Halloween). Seriously, I should have figured that out as it makes perfect sense.

A few years ago the idea of doing something like that would have made me feel embarrassed. Instead we all got a good laugh out of it and the teachers swooned over his cuteness anyway. (Later my husband reminded me it’s a good thing he’s not in middle school or something because he would have gotten beat up and it would have been my fault.) Lucky for me I think he liked the attention and he still loves me. :)

Winter Hair Color

What are you going to do to get out of your comfort zone this weekend/next week?


  1. Love this! I was thinking about this very thing the other day as I proclaimed this the year of unseating comfort zones. And while I have done a fair share of that, I think I still have work to do here and want to keep doing that and learning and growing. I love the halloween story! hysterical! Glad you got a laugh and thank God he isn’t in middle school 😉 XO
    jobo recently posted..Thankful things Friday

  2. I love love love where you are heading my friend — you have already chased such an incredible dream together and to see you continue to live on the edge of discomfort wherever possible is so motivating and inspiring. I absolutely agree with you on the whole concept of discomfort — I think it can come with such a negative connotation, that word, but in reality discomfort can be a REALLY good thing, it’s a big way that we evolve in life, is it not?

  3. i am all about getting uncomfortable, and for this reason! I makes us STRONGER, it gives us PURPOSE, it really does bring new insight. Let’s do it! and love that your husband is blogging!
    lindsay recently posted..Go with the Flow Friday

  4. Hahaha! I brought Lyle to school on “crazy hair day” a week early …. umm I hairsprayed the CRAP out of it so there was no getting it out of that mowhawk. The teachers thought it was the best thing they’d ever seen so I’ve done it a few times since, he looks so funny.

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