Sprints and Makeup for Active Women {Giveaway}

Yesterday was yet another Workout Wednesday at Skill of Strength. On Wednesday mornings we do try to do team workouts. Not only is it good for us physically, but it’s great for team-building. If only more companies held team workouts, it might be a lot easier to avoid that whole office junk-food issue.

Sprint Relays for Team Building at a Gym

A few people have asked me how sprint relays work since I have been posting the pictures each week on Instagram. We set up cones that are about 15 yards apart. I sprint down and back twice (60 yards), then Steve sprints down and back twice, then Mike sprints down and back twice. Then we each take a turn going down and back three times (90 yards), four times (120 yards) and five times (150 yards). We go through the whole thing four times, cheering each other on and trying to beat our time from the previous week. We each end up sprinting 1,680 yards and it takes us about 20 minutes.

We’ll probably do this one more time and then move on to a new challenge, but I wanted to share this as a great way to burn some serious calories together as a team…no equipment needed!

Now, you’re probably wondering what on earth sprints could possibly have to do with makeup?

I teach a class right before I train on Wednesdays and I like to look at least somewhat presentable when I’m at work. I use a little makeup to cover my dark circles (new mamas, can you relate?) and any blemishes I have (why do I still breakout like a teenager sometimes even though I’m almost 32?).

Since I don’t want to wash my face again after teaching just one class I started working out with my makeup on.

Post Workout with Makeup Still On

I used to think girls who wore makeup to the gym were ridiculous. I mean, geez, I was there to train, not find a date! I’m not sure if I got too busy to want to wash my face a million times a day or if I became more vain, but either way I think most of you would probably agree that you feel better when you look good. Why should it be any different when you’re working out?

You’ve probably heard me talk about things like Sparkly Soul Headbands and my favorite Lululemon pants. And we all know that new sneakers or a cute tank top can motivate you to get back to the gym, right? Now I want to share my favorite workout makeup with you!

Makeup for Active Ladies

Spright Cosmetics is a new company focused on cosmetics for active women. They offer concealer, mascara and eye liner.

I started out just wearing the concealer and mascara when I had to work before training, but I loved it so much that I now wear the concealer all the time. It stays on really well and does a great job of hiding skin imperfections like dark circles and blemishes so that you can now feel your best all the time, even when working out! The mascara doesn’t clump at all and I haven’t ended up

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with raccoon eyes during my workouts, even after sweaty sprint relays with the SOS team!

You guys, this stuff is seriously awesome and the good news is that three of you lucky readers are going to win a package that will include a concealer, mascara and eyeliner.

Here’s how to enter to win! (You can do more than one of these to enter multiple times.)

  • Head over to www.sprightcosmetics.com and tell me what concealer color you’d want if you win
  • Follow Spright Cosmetics on Twitter @spright (& tell me you did in the comments)
  • Follow me on Twitter @amandamaryperry (& tell me you did in the comments)
  • Tweet about this giveaway with one of the following Tweets (& tell me you did in the comments):
    • I wanna win a @spright makeup for fit females from @amandamaryperry! You can too: http://ht.ly/fFgs8 #makeup #fashion #fitness
    • I entered to win a @spright cosmetics from @amandamaryperry so I can look my best when being active! http://ht.ly/fFgs8 #fitfluential

You can enter until Tuesday, December 4 at midnight! Good luck!

More good news!

My friends over at Spright Cosmetics are offering all Sistas of Strength readers 25% off on your order until Christmas! This would be an awesome gift for any of the fit females in your life…or a great gift to get yourself. 😉 Just enter the code 25off at checkout.

Please note: Spright Cosmetics sent me a concealer and mascara for review. I received a small stipend for writing this post, but all opinions are my own.


  1. Jaclyn Reynolds says:

    Would love the light concealer!

  2. ANGEL JACKLYN says:
  3. ANGEL JACKLYN says:

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    FOLLOWING SPRIGHT ON TWITTER VIA https://twitter.com/kytah00

  5. ANGEL JACKLYN says:


  6. I’ve never heard of this, but I think it’s awesome. I personally think makeup, when done tastefully and light, is actually a great tool to motivate you on some not so great days…

    I’d probably need the concealer in Light Medium.

  7. I follow spright on Twitter
    Jen recently posted..Bring it on

  8. I follow you on Twitter
    Jen recently posted..Bring it on

  9. and I already follow YOU dahling 😉
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  10. And I followed spright on twitter!
    jobo recently posted..Holiday traditions anew.

  11. and I tweeted!

  12. I feel the same way about wearing makeup when I teach! NOT when I teach a 6 am class, when I just make sure I am presentable LOL, but any other time, I always wear a little makeup, because you are right, I want to feel good. This line intrigues me!! I love the giveaway and would get a medium color concealer 😉
    jobo recently posted..Holiday traditions anew.

  13. This is great, never heard of it. I would use the light concealer

  14. And I tweeted

  15. I follow you and @spright in twitter

  16. This product sounds great! So glad you shared. I would probably need the light medium shade. Always looking for something to hide my circles even when I work out :-)
    Jenny recently posted..Munchkin Meals…Challenges

  17. Sounds like the best invention for active new moms since Pajama Jeans. LOL! I’m not sure even a good concealer would hide my dark circles these days.

  18. I tweeted.
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  19. I follow you on twitter.
    Kelly @ Cupcake Kelly’s recently posted..Holiday Challenge

  20. I follow spright on twitter.
    Kelly @ Cupcake Kelly’s recently posted..Holiday Challenge

  21. I’d want the light concealer.
    Kelly @ Cupcake Kelly’s recently posted..Holiday Challenge

  22. I started following Spright on Twitter …

    Of COURSE I follow you already!

    I tweeted about the giveaway also!

    I love the idea of this makeup and have never heard of it. If I was to win, I would love Light!


  23. Kerri Kalinski says:

    I would love the light medium!

  24. I’m always up for trying new things! Following you, Spright and sent the tweet! I’d guess I’m medium light :)

  25. Oh I am as light as they come. Just call me casper. :)

    I follow YOU of course.

    Just started following spright (they need more tweets! :) )

    annnnd I tweeted! https://twitter.com/momentspassslow/status/274183364406288384
    Colleen C recently posted..Fourty

  26. Neeeeed. I NEED this concealer. NEEEEEED. OK, I guess you get the point 😉
    I’m guessing I’d need light medium?
    Brittany (Healthy Slice of Life) recently posted..Hailey at 14 Months Old

  27. i follow spright on twitter too! (@hanwayink)
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  28. ALready followed you on twitter so I am not sure if that counts as another entry
    KymberlyFunFit recently posted..Hip Flexor Stretches: Right and Wrong Way to do a Quad Stretch

  29. I’m intrigued by the concealer… I sweat like nobody’s business when working out… light would be best for me
    Michelle recently posted..Lawnscapings challenge

  30. Followed spright on twitter!
    KymberlyFunFit recently posted..Lunges to Shape the Tush and Lower Body: Right & Wrong Way

  31. Cute pic! I always put on eyeliner and lipstick when I teach fitness otherwise I look as though I am asleep, which does not inspire confidence in my class members.

    For the giveaway, I would be a light medium concealer sort.
    KymberlyFunFit recently posted..Kettlebells or Medicine Balls When Strength Training for a Marathon?

  32. I follow you on twitter (@hanwayink)
    Michelle recently posted..Lawnscapings challenge

  33. I also just tweeted this giveaway out :) and follow spright on twitter!
    Jess recently posted..A food evolution ‘moment’

  34. LOVE this giveaway…have never heard of spright but now am dying to try it! I’d love to try that concealer – would be great for early-am teaching when I’m feeling rather pale and tired still HA! The light medium shade would be awesome!
    Jess recently posted..A food evolution ‘moment’


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