The Friday Five: Taking Care of You

Oh hey there. I’m back again after yet another little bloggy break. That seems to be happening a bit more often than I would like, but there’s always room for a New Years Resolution, right? I have said it before, but honestly when I don’t blog or read other blogs I really do miss it!

One thing that’s come up a lot lately in my world (both in real life and online) is the subject of women (specifically mom’s) who need and/or want to take better care of themselves. I have received phone calls from moms who know it’s time to get back into working out. I have had discussions about the challenges that come along with being a working mom and finding the time to work out. I have even had discussions about the challenges specific to being a mom and working at a gym. Believe it or not, it’s difficult to fit in your own training time when you’re busy training others (and/or running a gym) for a living. Just because I work at a gym does not mean I am working out all day long!

That said, although everyone (not just women and moms) has challenges and commitments that make it difficult to find time to workout, it’s ridiculously important.

Why Moms Should Workout

So today’s friday five includes some thoughts on taking care of YOU – why you need to do it and how you can do a better job of it.

1. It would be really easy for me to put working out on the back burner right now. Things have been really busy at the gym as we gear up for January, my hip has been bugging me the past few weeks and we’re going through a transition period on the homefront.

(Here’s my side note on the transition for you interested mamas…)

We have had a pretty easy time transitioning Connor from one thing to another as he grows up. He was really amazing at drinking from a bottle for the first time and he was great switching between breastmilk and formula and then to milk. Even nap transitions weren’t all that bad and despite a few bad weeks here and there his schedule has been pretty great (and predictable). 

In comes our latest challenge. We have been giving him one bottle a day (at night) for the last few months and about a week and a half ago we took it away. This one has been a killer transition. It’s taking him an hour minimum to fall asleep at night, he’s waking up grumpy and not napping well.

I’ve definitely been a tired mama lately so I get it. I plan each day and try to get my clothes out ahead of time to workout. I also follow a training program and write down my workouts every time. I also have one workout a week that I do when Connor is at daycare. It’s my time. No video monitor. Maybe a few team mates, but it’s still my time. That’s what works for me, but you really need to figure out what works for you. What motivates you? What makes it convenient for you to workout?

Making Workouts Convenient In Your Schedule

2. Emily wrote this post about feeling like she never gets a break right now and keeps waiting for running to lure her back in. She took action the other night and you can tell even just reading her post that she felt so much better after some time alone and moving her body.

3. I read another post from Precision Nutrition about how women are always busy taking care of everyone else. Moms…I can’t stress enough how important it is to take care of YOU. Often times we are so busy taking care of everyone else that it becomes last on our list to take care of ourselves. But, you know what? When you put yourself first sometimes and take care of YOU, it’s so much easier to take care of others too. Believe me, you need the energy and endurance on days like I had yesterday.

Busy Toddler in the Kitchen

4. Get re-excited about your workouts buy getting a new pair of sneakers or a new workout outfit. (C’mon who doesn’t love to look great, even when you’re training?) Sign up for a class you’ve been meaning to try. Work with a trainer (online or in person). Put your workouts in your calendar. Moms, if you don’t have a calendar (paper, on your phone, whatever) – get one. Put in your appointments, chores, and your workouts. Being a mom is a job, and getting organized and making time for your workouts will will help you be better at this oh-so-important job.

Ways to be a better mom

5. And this doesn’t have all that much to do with being a mom, but it does have to do with the importance of making time for yourself beyond working out…for things like date night. Mike and I went to the Patriots game on Monday night because they were honoring our good friend, Matt Light.

Matt Light Night NFL Game

We got to sit in some pretty amazing seats and go down to the field to hear his speech at halftime. It was great to be able to support our friend and get out for a rare Monday night date night!

Date Night at a Football Game

Just because you’re a mom doesn’t mean you have to say no to everything (like Monday night football games once in a great while). It’s okay to ask for help sometimes. (And a huge thanks to my mom and dad because I ask for help a lot!) :)

Moms, do you find that you’re so busy taking care of others that you forget to take care of yourself (and even have a little child-free fun sometimes)? 



  1. Great post Amanda. I’ve definitely learned this lesson the hard way and I’ve learned that I need to remember to take care of myself otherwise it’s really hard to take care of other people! It’s definitely OK to ask for help. And Connor is so ridiculously adorable!
    Christine @ Love, Life, Surf recently posted..26 Acts of Kindness

  2. Can you tell my husband that all I would like for xmas is a gift certificate to Lululemon and a new pair of trail running shoes? Seriously, new workout stuff always makes me happy.

    I do love that working full-time again does guarantee me a lunch hour at least where I can do something I want or need to do almost every day sans baby. We have a gym at work. It’s small, but functional and it does the job if I’m creative about planning my workouts or just using it for cardio. Maybe I’ll be wild someday and skip the gym and go sneak a nap in my car. That would be amazing.

  3. LOVE your new haircut (?new?) – so great. And Connor is getting so big, what a cutie. I think this is so true, moms especially don’t cut themselves a break, and should!! I am glad you wrote this post as I am sure it was as good for others to hear as it was for you to hear too! XO!
    jobo recently posted..Happy things Friday

  4. You already know my answer to your question, but I’ll say it anyways….YES :-)
    Lisa @ The Splattered Apron recently posted..Gaiam TV Winner!

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