Concealer and Coffee

I will be the first to admit that I’m lucky to have CJ. Really lucky. He is a perfect example of God’s generosity in my life. CJ is beautiful (yes, I’m biased), funny, loving and just all around amazing. As an added bonus he has been sleeping through the night since he was quite young with very few exceptions. 

Baby sleeping through the night

One exception was this past Friday night. I was home alone with CJ and looking forward to some down time on the couch.

I put him to bed (after a little extra snuggle time) and he was asleep for about two hours before screaming at the top of his lungs. When he didn’t stop after a few minutes, I figured I’d go snuggle him, put him back down in his crib and then get in my own bed for a good night sleep. Apparently he had a different plan because every time I put him down he started screaming again and every time I laid with him he was fine.

Extra Snuggles with My Toddler

I honestly really enjoyed the extra snuggle time since it’s pretty rare these days, but I was worried that something was wrong and after midnight I was really tired and ready for bed. (And yes, nights like this make me wonder if I will ever be ready for a newborn again!) Eventually, we all got to sleep in our own beds, but needless to say, the next morning I wanted to sleep as long as possible.

However, I decided that getting my workout in would make my day better and help me have more energy overall. I know it’s hard to rationalize things like this when you’re tired, but it’s true what they say…you very rarely regret a workout!

Worked Out Anyway Even Though I was Tired

I muscled through (pun intended) my strength workout and even did 10 minutes of snatches and 5 minutes of jump rope. I used one of the tips I give early morning workout wannabes and focused on a delicious breakfast I’d make after training. I made an omelet and protein muffin, slapped on some extra concealer, drank a few cups of coffee and we headed out the door to the grocery store. 

Toddler Hugs Are the Best

I’m not writing all of this to tell you that you need to workout even when you’re exhausted (there is certainly a time to choose sleep), but I am writing all of this as a reminder that your health, and that includes working out, needs to be a priority in your life. Yes, even for you new moms! If you find a way to make your workouts and eating right a priority (even if it means a little extra coffee and concealer) you most definitely will not regret it.

What are some things that you’re more dependent on now that you’re a mom?

What are some tools that help you get in a workout even when it’s a less than ideal situation? 


  1. SUCH a great reminder my friend, and way to work through the rough night you had like that and working out like a champ (yes, there are times when nixing the workout is better but in your case, it seems like the workout was needed, totalllly know what you mean!!).

    I’d add that this is advice my husband could totally use — but for a different reason: he’s spent so much time working his butt off in his new role at work that he has completely forgone any ‘me’ time or workouts. And I finally had enough. He NEEDS that time just as much as I need it. So what’s a wifey to do? Well this wifey bought her husband a surprise 5-week bootcamp at the crossfit near us! Yay me hehe. But really, I did it for him because I knew he’d never put himself first this way. so I’m forcing him to see how important it is to put himself first sometimes too. And I’m thinking it’ll pay off — just like your workout paid off for you! (whooooa novel length blog comment!!)
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  2. I have no substance to add to this post except: My gosh, his smiling face is so adorable. How do you stop yourself from squeezing him 24/7?
    Maria recently posted..What I’m Taking to Hawaii

  3. I totally agree with this message! Sometimes when you are tired, it is more the mental tiredness overriding the workout desire than bone-dead tired (where resting is a better option!) and that workout truly does wonders. Glad you had one of those workouts! And CJ is so cute, I don’t think you are biased 😉 hehe.

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