Last time you heard from me I was trying to be all positive about everything that did not get done when I was sick. As a refresher, my point was that life is good and a little sickness sure isn’t enough to get me down for long. That said, between feeling awful, my husband getting sick a few days later and a teething toddler I was feeling pretty run down and burnt out towards the end of last week.

Daycare was cancelled yesterday because of the holiday so Friday afternoon I camped out at Starbucks to catch up on work. As much as I know that it really is okay when some things don’t get done or go as planned, it still feels so darn good to have a productive day sometimes, doesn’t it?

Working Mom Catching Up on Work at Starbucks

Friday night I had long overdue girls night out. Since I stayed up past my bed time I was tired, but got up Saturday to train and then forced myself to take a nap during Connor’s nap time. I never nap, but boy did it feel good!

Once Mike got home from work on Saturday afternoon we all headed up to New Hampshire and hung out with my parents. We had a low key night and got more sleep. Have I mentioned how much I love being rested?

Sunday morning included a snow mobile outing (which was fun despite the freezing temps) and then an awesome brunch at Church Landing. Mike and I got married there almost five years ago and we always love going there and love taking Connor even more!

Hugging Bears at Church Landing After Brunch

My parents helped us out and decided to keep Connor one more night up in New Hampshire so Mike and I got to come home and train together, something we need to do more often. (Look for a post coming up about why I think it’s an awesome idea to train with your spouse or significant other.)

Spouses who train together stay together

After a great training session at Skill of Strength we fixed up a few things around the house, watched an episode of Sons of Anarchy and went to bed early.

Side note: Besides Prison Break and Breaking Bad, this is now my favorite show. It’s getting really darn good.

Sometimes it’s hard for me to ask for help or admit when I need some alone time, friend time, family time, or even just work time. I have to remember that I’m worth it and I deserve a little break and some extra help sometimes. It’s really important for me to remember to bite the bullet and ask for help sometimes because when I’m burnt out, it’s tough to be the best mom, wife and business owner and personal trainer I can be.

Productivity, girl time, family time, hubby time and extra rest = REFRESHED.

When you’re feeling burnt out, what helps you to recharge and come back refreshed?


  1. Such a great post and reminder Amanda. Yes, we do need our time to recharge and refresh. It sounds like you had a great weekend. I need a weekend refresh soon!!
    Christine @ Love, Life, Surf recently posted..Lessons from Ski School – Part 2

  2. LOVE this post!! (and is that the Starbucks where you saw M that time?! I was there w him yesterday as he needed to stop by the office before we went to his parents and I thought of you!) I totally agree on the working out with your partner, I think it’s i mportant and well, FUN! I am glad you got some me time and some alone time AND girl time!! I LOVE that pic of you two!
    jobo recently posted..On true love, and the a-ha realization of self-worth.

  3. I LOVE working out with Scott — it’s become a rarity for us since the school year started for him so whenever we do get that chance now, I cherish the heck out of it! In fact, we have a rundate planned for tomorrow, I can’t wait :)

    LOVE that you came away from this weekend feeling refreshed and back to yourself again!
    Jess recently posted..#Presence2013

  4. I really need a weekend like this! Or maybe I just need some sleep. Lol.

    Glad you are feeling better and refreshed!
    Michelle recently posted..Move Monday: Power Training

  5. That sounds like a perfect weekend! Glad you got to enjoy it and relax a bit! :)

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