The Friday Five: Couples Who Train Together

I planned to post this last week in honor of Valentines Day, but let’s be honest, it’s really important to love your spouse or significant other every day, not just on Valentines Day.

Mike and I used to train together a lot on the weekends before we had Connor. We did track workouts and/or would go to the gym together. Although we now own a gym together, we have clients at different times and train at different times of the day. Between work and Connor, training together is kind of a luxury and a nice treat when it happens.

When we do make the time to train together, we have a blast. I am 100% convinced that training together helps us not only get physically stronger, but also makes us stronger as a couple and as parents as well.

We have a few couples who train together at Skill of Strength and they are all very successful. It’s awesome to see husbands and wives motivate each other and celebrate PRs together.

So in today’s Five For Friday I give you five reasons to train with your spouse or significant other.

1. Social Support. I can’t stress the importance of being around like-minded individuals when you’re trying to improve your health and/or fitness. If you’re like most couples, you spend a lot of time together and eat a lot of meals together. If you’re working out together, you’ll both be more motivated to eat healthy foods as well.

2. Endorphins. Quite simply, working out makes you happy. Not only will you be happier, but your spouse will look better to you after a good sweat session. (Maybe not smell better, but that can be easily fixed with a shower.) 

Working Out With Your Spouse Benefits

3. Accountability. It’s much easier to get to the gym when you’re meeting someone else there. When that someone is your spouse, you also avoid the temptations of skipping a morning workout because your spouse is still nice and warm in bed or skipping evening workouts because you know he’s out enjoying some adult beverages at the bar. (Heck, how about sweating first and enjoying an adult beverage together later? :))

Sweat Together Before Date Night Out

4. Competition. Most couples thrive on a little healthy competition, but if you aren’t really into competing against each other, this can still apply!

You can also set team goals together, like completing a certain you-go/I-go type of workout in a certain time. Another option is that you can each set your own goals and compete against yourself. That way you can encourage each other to be better and make progress towards your own individual goals. My husband is super supportive of me when I have goals that I’m working on, like when I did Pavel’s Fighter Pull-Up Program.

Training Alone on Workout Wednesday

5. Set a positive example for your kids. Since I have an almost 2 year old I am knee-deep in the idea that kids copy their parents. Connor is in a phase right now where he pretty much repeats everything that we say and do. Although it’s more apparent at his young age, we all know that kids learn most of their habits from their parents. I want Connor to know that being active is a priority and just a normal part of the day for our family.

Set a Good Example For Your Kids

Do you train with your spouse or significant other?

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