Tidbits From Successful Clients

The other day I was reading through some emails from clients (members of our MOVE. adult group training program at Skill of Strength and currently enrolled in a nutrition group I am running). In between chuckles from silly comments, I came to the realization {again} that I am so beyond blessed. Not only do our awesome clients make me laugh on a regular basis, but they also help to inspire me to be a better coach and keep me on my toes. It makes my heart happy when I know our clients are getting healthier, stronger and more confident!

I always tell my clients that two of the most important items when it comes to weight loss are planning ahead and knowing how to get back on track after you get off track.

Successful Nutrition Clients

One of my clients who is completely ‘getting it’ wrote me an emailed titled Confession Time after a weekend away with friends. After the confession portion of the email came the real good stuff. I’m telling you guys, it makes me giddy when things really click for a client.

When I got home yesterday, I immediately went to the grocery store for tons of fresh veggies and chicken so I could make myself a nice big salad for dinner and prep for the week.  It felt SO good to eat healthy foods!!

I definitely had fun this weekend, and I know I could have stayed on track a bit more in some areas, but when I think of it…I could have also been a lot worse.  I made sure I got as much sleep as I could at night, even when it meant going to bed while the partying was still going on.  All in all,  it was a solid reminder that I’m changing my eating habits for a reason.

Another one of my nutrition clients ended an email to me with the following bit of information.

FYI – I think I saw an abdominal muscle last week – you know what that means – 6 more weeks of winter.

It’s true when people say it doesn’t feel like work when you love what you’re doing. Sharing the gift of good health is so awesome. I seriously love my job and my clients. The additional laughs don’t hurt either.

What {or who} inspires you to be healthier?

What {or who} inspires you to be better at your job?

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