Feeling Frustrated with Fat Loss?

Let’s face it. Losing weight is hard work and it’s easy to get frustrated with your progress, or perhaps I should say, lack of progress.

Using the Scale to Stay Accountable

I absolutely love it when other {awesome} people write posts that answer some of the most common questions my fat-loss clients ask me. The posts I linked to below are well-worth the read if you’re feeling frustrated with your weight loss.

Are you hanging on to the all-or-nothing mentality and beating yourself up if you’re not perfect all the time? Are you too focused on a deadline and finding short-term, quick-fix solutions instead of finding sustainable habits that will stick with you for life? Check out this article by Jill on troubleshooting fat loss (four reasons why you haven’t reached your goal yet) and ask yourself if you truly believe you can do it or if you’re letting your desire for instant gratification lead you astray.

Toddler with Barbell

Along the same lines, do you ever feel like you are constantly bargaining with yourself? Well, if I am really good and stay away from junk food for two days, I completely deserve to have a hot fudge sundae? If I work out this morning I can totally have a whole bottle of wine with dinner and it won’t hurt my progress, right?

Find out why this type of thinking might be sabotaging your weight loss efforts without you even realizing it. I love how Jen points out that the maintenance stage isn’t really smooth sailing until you’ve been there for awhile. It took me a long time (and many years of 10lb-15lb weight fluctuations) to learn how to balance out my nutrition and maintain a healthy weight long-term. Do I still fluctuate and veer off course at times? Yes! But I’ve slowly learned how to get back on track before I find myself 15 pounds heavier and needing to lose some serious weight and extra body fat.

Check out the posts I linked to above and keep in mind that your fat loss may be hindered by your  (yah, I know that sounds dramatic) before you even take into consideration what’s on your plate.

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Do you find that you get easily frustrated with your lack of fat loss when you’re trying to lose weight?


  1. Love this post and the ones you linked to — all of them got my wheels churning for different reasons. Either they got me thinking about a loved one who is in such dire need of weight loss yet does the self-sabotage thing. Or it got me thinking about my own journey, weight loss/wellness wise and how happy I am just being ‘in’ this place I’m at now — in total maintenance mode and finding my way, slowly inching away from daily food logging and learning to truly trust my gut (literally haha). It’s just amazing. What a journey it all is. Truly. I love your insight here, as usual :)
    Jess recently posted..Working smart (despite the crazies)

  2. Thank you for sharing and I look forward to reading these posts. I have so much time on my hands these days that I figured it was high time to get serious about my food AND my fitness. So I’m basically a sponge at this point :)
    Maria recently posted..What I Ate Wednesday

  3. Those are GREAT posts you linked to, and you of course, as always, bring up some great points. The maintenance and in-between stage is almost MORE crucial than the weight loss phase, isn’t it? Keeping it off, maintaining and keeping it as a lifestyle, not a short term goal.
    jobo recently posted..Becoming a reality…


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