Fit People Aren’t Always Motivated Either

I forgot to mention last week that I took my re-certification test for Precision Nutrition and I passed! YAY! (I originally got certified as a Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach two years ago.)

I also spent a bunch of time last week poking around on the Precision Nutrition forum and found a few things that really struck a chord with me. I’m preparing for the next online nutrition group at Skill of Strength and I’m really excited to see more clients get awesome results!

Ryan Andrews pointed out that although you might not feel motivated all the time that doesn’t mean something is wrong. In fact, no one feels motivated all the time! Remember that icky week I had a few weeks ago? You think I was feeling motivated and ready to rock and roll with my workouts and healthy food choices? Heck no. But I still did it {for the most part} until I was back on track. Sometimes I need to use things like my awesome Under Armour capris to motivate me, but whatever works, right?

Under Armour Workout Capris and Pants

Think about it like this…

We all have to do things like pay bills, run errands and get to work on time, right? I can pretty much guarantee you don’t always feel like doing these things, especially paying bills…eww!. But…you do them anyway.

One of the major differences between people who are healthy and fit and those who are not, is that healthy people don’t always feel motivated either, but they do it {train, eat well, sleep enough} anyway.

If you think I felt like practicing my snatch test this past Friday (100 kettlebell snatches with a 16K kettlebell in less than 5 minutes) you are wrong wrong wrong! I did not

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want to do it and I am guessing no one else in this picture wanted to do it either, but we did it anyway!

StrongFirst Preparation Group at Skill of Strength

What are you going to do today because it’s right, whether you feel like it or not?



  1. Hi Amanda

    I actually prepare the PN certification (L1), and I want to know : to took your re-certification test, what do you need to do ? What’s the price ?

    And I have another question.. I’m french, and it’s not easy for me, all the biology terms in American :S, so, the test is a MCQ or you need to make sentences ?

    Thanks for your help !

    And congrats to you for your re-certification and all that you do in the fitness and nutrition

  2. So true! I am definitely feeling unmotivated in my workouts lately. I think because they’ve been feeling blah and I have some aches and pains but I do it and usually feel better afterwards. One thing I’m doing today that I really don’t want to do it work!!
    Christine @ Love, Life, Surf recently posted..What’s in your Fitness Closet?

    • Hang in there with the workouts. It’s so normal to feel that way. Sometimes I get sick of what I’m doing and need a new challenge! Maybe do something completely new/different for a bit?

  3. So true!! there are days that even I am tired and need to dig deep to put forth a good effort, whether it be a class taught, taken or a run, or whatever it may be. Almost always I feel 10000% better AFTER I do it, so I almost always keep at it, even if I may not want to at first. I felt that way post class this morning as I was planning a short 30 min run and was wavering on it as I felt sleepy. but then I bargained with myself, said I’d give it a go, and if I didn’t feel up to it after a few mins, I’d stop. I didn’t stop :)
    jobo recently posted..Progress…(somewhat) under wraps.

  4. Right ON girlfriend. What a great analogy – who the heck likes paying bills right? But we do it anyway. Same goes for workouts — there are definitely days that I’m not jumping out of bed with joy that I have a workout to get through, but I do it anyway because I love it (for one) and I know that I’ll never regret that workout once all is said and done. Part of it is also simply getting into the fit habit — once that habit is formed, it’s WAY harder to break it, I think some people forget that part…that by making it a habit, you are far more likely to stick it out, ya know?
    Jess recently posted..Life is good.

    • YES! I am not saying that you should have to force yourself to workout all the time, but even if you absolutely love working out (or at least the way you feel after) there are going to be days/weeks and maybe even months where you don’t feel all that motivated so you need just punch the clock so to speak.

  5. I love this post! (I’m Amy, btw – can’t remember where I stumbled across your blog – I think while searching for pregnancy blogs?)

    I know I need to get motivated again (trying to just keep moving while pregnant right now), but I’ve been up and down with motivation for years, and you’re SO right: You just have to keep doing it even when you don’t feel like it’s even making a difference.

    One of my biggest frustrations with the “lose weight quick” programs are that they don’t flat out train you to keep doing it – even when you don’t see results anymore. It’s not easy; It’s never easy; If it’s easy, you’re whacked. Learning to eat right and staying motivated to exercise and take care of your body is a LOT of hard work. I lost about 30lbs and was in the best shape of my life back in 2007. It made me sick that people thought it was just no big deal; it was a BIG DEAL with months and months of training and eating right. When people talk about it like it’s just so easy to drop 30lbs, I want to slap them.

    Sorry for the rant :) But thank you for the post! And keep up the good work!

    • Hi Amy!! YES…sometimes you have to keep pushing even when you’re not seeing the results right away. It’s especially hard when you’re pregnant and obviously you’re going to gain weight (and should!!) no matter what. Losing 30 pounds is never easy and you should never let people make you feel that way. Way to go!!! I’m sure you will do awesome getting back in shape after baby is born too. Go you!!

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