Three Things Thursday: Back on Track

I have no idea where time has been going lately. I find myself wishing for extra work hours on my work days and extra CJ time on my CJ days. I actually feel pretty lucky about that because it means I love what I’m doing. :)

More Toddler Time at Home

Anyway, I just want to pick up where I left off a week and a half ago. I mentioned how ironic it was that after posting about being nice to yourself and just saying no to fat talk, I starting feeling pretty down on myself. Unfortunately, even after I admitted that I needed an attitude adjustment and quite frankly, a kick in the booty, I let myself spend a few additional days with the blahs. I didn’t like my haircut, I was breaking out like a teenager (and still am…what the heck?) and I was feeling really bloated. I honestly usually feel pretty self-confident and find it pretty easy to ditch the fat talk, but last week I struggled with this. I just didn’t feel like myself.

Although I try to keep it light and positive on the blog, I always try to be honest and I think it’s important to note that even when you eat healthy and train consistently, there will be times when you might not feel great about yourself. This time around I could blame it on winter lasting a little too long or “adolescent” problems creeping in at 32 years old, but whatever the reason, these funks happen to all of us sometimes.

Here’s some tips on how I get out of a funk, stop the fat talk and start feeling better and happier within a few short days!

1. Make a commitment and set a goal. Sometimes the hardest part in making a change to your health or happiness is literally just making the commitment. I’m taking my training up a notch and tightening things up a little with my nutrition, especially for the next month. I have just under one month until I have to recertify to be a StrongFirst Instructor. Remember when I got my RKC last year? Long story short, I am recertifying this year (similar requirements and I am allowed to use a much lighter kettlebell for testing if my weight is under 123.5 pounds). I’m so excited because I’ll be assisting at the second ever SFG Level 1 Certification in April!

Preparing to Assist at SFG

2. Change your scenery. We went away this past weekend with my parents and the change of scenergy helped in just getting my head right. I came back ready for a great week this week.

Snowtubing in NH

3. Get outside. This one is a little tough for me right now with the snow and chilly temps here in MA. However, for the last few weeks I have been walking with CJ any day that we are home and it’s over 40 degrees. It’s amazing how refreshing a walk {especially in the sunshine} can be. Music or online sermons optional.

Walks Outside Before Spring

What do you do to get back on track when you’re just feeling icky? How do you give yourself a confidence-boost when you start feeling a little down?


  1. Workouts are always the best way for me to start feeling better and moe on track. even a walk like you mentioned does wonders!
    Tina @ Best Body Fitness recently posted..Defying Gravity Workout

  2. Thanks for sharing. I try to spend time with friends when the blues hit [and almost all the time it is around that time of the month!]. There really is nothing like some laughter and talking with friends that turns a bad day around. Going to try to take your commitment advice. I’m currently stuck in my fitness goals…but the problem is I don’t like sticking to my diet!

  3. I’ve been feeling the blahs because of cold weather sans runs. This reminded me that even if I can’t manage to squeeze in an early morning run, I can always go for an afternoon walk with the little one. Thanks for the ‘kick in the booty’ haha

  4. Gah. Nothing worse than those mind game crazies that can seriously get you believing some pretty nasty things about yourself. Sad how our brains can have that impact on our self-worth sometimes, huh? I fully admit I have those days too — and like you said, it IS about shifting your focus sometimes and it can make all the difference in the world. I’m GLAD you got it out of your system and now have a renewed focus. YAY for that. And like my sis said – you are beautiful and fierce. Truly.
    Jess recently posted..Everyone needs a little me (workout) time

  5. it is HARD to admit when you struggle with taking your own advice, but I have done this very thing, blogged it out, so to speak, and actually feel better after owning up to it and just being real about it. it HAPPENS! it SUCKS. but it does. we aren’t perfect. I hope you are feeling better this week after a kick in the butt (and the brain!). You are beautiful, fit and fierce, never forget it :) XO!
    jobo recently posted..Progress…(somewhat) under wraps.

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