Bringing a Toddler to Trader Joe’s

It’s been kind of a crazy week….

We are doing some house updates and changes (hence the snuggling on the floor the other night).

House Upgrades and Updates

Connor had a pretty bad cough earlier in the week.

Toddler Sick with a Cough

I went back to the corporate world for a few hours on two days this week.

Heading Back to Corporate America

That said, I’m gonna keep it light today and tell you about my little adventure to Trader Joe’s with Connor last night. We go to Trader Joe’s all the time, but last night’s quick little trip made me laugh several times.

Five Things That May Happen When You  Go Grocery Shopping with a Toddler

1. He kept grabbing my hand and kissing it. Sweetest thing ever.

2. He started screaming DIARRHEA for no particular reason. Not that sweet.

3. He said loudly that he wanted beer when we were walking past the beer. I promise I don’t give my kid beer.

4. He pointed out every single fruit and vegetable and said he wanted it. I want avocados. I want to strawberries. I want blueberries. I want bananas. On and on the entire time we were in the produce section. He usually says it about a few items, but this time it was literally every single thing he saw.

5. Lastly, and completely unrelated to the toddler in tow, but I did not buy rolled oats or almond butter (teh two reasons I went in the first place) because Trader Joe’s was out of both items. They haven’t had my beloved almond butter the last few weeks and it’s killing me. I need it back in my life!

Do you go grocery shopping with your toddler? Do you like it? 


  1. Oh I HATE when you go to the store for something in particular (especially a more out of the way trip like TJs) and they don’t have what you needed. Still sounds like an overall fun trip. I mean how can you go wrong with a Trader Joes trip? And shouts of beer and diarrhea? Haha!

    PS – House work. UGH! I feel you!
    Tina @ Best Body Fitness recently posted..Saturday Shares

  2. Haha. This oddly sounds like my husband when he grocery shops with me. :)
    Maria recently posted..Blueberry Muffins and Using a Kitchen Scale

  3. I am not a mom, but I will share mine.
    My 10 year old son has been reading since age 4. If he sees it, he reads it….aloud and generally in outside voice. When he was 6, my wife, my son and myself were walking into the store, where we saw a sign that said “shirt and shoes required”. After reading it, aloud and loudly, he turns to me and asks: “Dad? Does that mean we don’t have to wear pants?” Yes it does, son. Yes it does. Chip off the old block.

    Jen Comas Keck recently posted..Blast Fat & Improve Your Conditioning with Creative Barbell Complexes

  5. omg what a ham!!! Kisses cancel out screaming diarrhea. Happy fri!
    Kendall recently posted..My Thai Massage Experience at Bodywaves

  6. Whitney @ whit likes fit says:

    Hahah. The beer comment cracked me up.
    Whitney @ whit likes fit recently posted..April 4th, 2008

  7. hahaha that is SO FUNNY about the diarrhea comment 😉 I love TJs and wish it was a little closer! where do you go??
    jobo recently posted..a FULL life.

  8. I take my 3.5 yr old to traer joes with me every weekend. It is our little sunday morning date:)he loves checking out what their sample of the day is.

    What is up with the TJ almond butter situation? Both of the onese near me (I live in northern VA) have been out for a few weeks now. All they have is the organic unsalted. I may have to ask th emanager when we go this weekend.

    • I talked to them about it yesterday since it has been quite awhile since I’ve been able to find it there. They said there is a shortage at the warehouse so all stores have been running out of it. Apparently word is out on how freaking good it is. They haven’t had any almond butter at all at my stores!!
      Amanda Perry recently posted..Bringing a Toddler to Trader Joe’s

  9. I don’t mind going grocery shopping with Caden but I’d much rather do it alone. I usually keep him occupied by tasting all the samples!
    Susan @ Real Life Travels recently posted..Can a Toddler Sense a New Baby Coming?

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