Balancing It All

Happy Belated Mother’s Day to all of you mamas out there! I hope you were able to relax, enjoy some time with your family and maybe even have some alone time this past weekend!

My Mother’s Day was absolutely perfect beyond expectation. My husband spoiled me with gifts in the morning. We went to breakfast and dinner with my parents. In between, my husband and dad worked on a backsplash in our kitchen while my mom and I got manicures/pedicures and then did some damage at the outlets. It was truly a perfect day and just another reminder of how lucky I am to have such an amazing family.

The Perfect Mothers Day

I woke up today feeling completely refreshed and ready for an awesome week. I am finally a true believer in re-charge days – an idea I used to totally dismiss. I always thought if I pushed my body more and more, I’d get even better results. I ‘worked out’ seven days a week and forced myself out the door for a run…rain, shine, hangover, sickness, etc.

There’s something {okay, a lot} to be said about being consistent and getting your workouts in, but your body and mind also need some time to re-charge. Chances are you’re balancing a lot in your life between family, work, training and hobbies.

Fitting Exercise Into Your Busy Life

It can be really tricky to figure out how to balance exercise and life. How do you find that sweet spot where you’re motivated enough to ‘do it anyway’ (even if you’re tired, stressed, don’t feel like it…) most of the time and knowing when it’s time to let your body and mind rest.

If you read my last post, you know I’m participating in Under Armour’s What’s Beautiful campaign (and having so much fun with it already). If you haven’t signed up, I’d highly encourage you to sign up here and join the Sistas of Strength team to meet other strong ladies who are focused on setting strength goals and speaking positively about our bodies.

Whats Beautiful I WILL

One of the challenges that stuck out to me is called: BALANCE IT ALL.

Life is a tricky balance. Show us the pose, move, exercise that strengthens your core and keeps you level when things get challenging.

When I am stressed out or super busy, I need a well-thought-out training plan more than ever. Sticking to the plan {with built in rest days} helps me figure out when I should ‘do-it-anyway’ and when it’s time for a day off.

When I was training to recertify for StrongFirst last month I actually did the Fighter Pull-up program for the second time around. Although I didn’t need to do any pull-ups for the recertification, I knew that putting pull-ups in as part of my program would keep me focused on the goal and strengthen my core, literally and figuratively, while I moved forward.

These were an easy addition for me because I can always squeeze in a quick set of pull-ups here and there throughout the day without stressing or over-doing it.

What exercise helps you to stay focused without throwing off your balance in life? Running? Pull-ups? :)



  1. Oh and running is def my ‘get balanced’ exercise…since I get so much of the b9 variety, sometimes a quick run helps balance me out!
    jobo recently posted..FEF: 5 things I won’t miss about moving.

  2. Love this post and your message, as always. balance, but organized (chaos?!) and just sometimes the need to…and sometimes there is equally room to step away and just BE. If that makes sense. I love that you had a great mother’s day and got spoiled. totally deserved my friend!
    jobo recently posted..FEF: 5 things I won’t miss about moving.

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