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Whew – it’s been a bit of a whirlwind few weeks…okay if we’re being honest it’s been almost a full month since I posted! Now I should be back to a less, shall we say, ‘relaxed’ blogging schedule again.

Time off From Blogging

Today you’re getting a quick recap of my last month because if I typed everything I have to say, it would be way too much to say for one post! Let’s just say I’m living a full life lately. I’m thankful every day for the blessings I have, most importantly my incredible family, all of my new and old friends, and the opportunity to finally do what I love and help people improve their fitness and health.

Shortly after ladies night, Mike, Connor and I were up at the lake for a mini-vacation over Fourth of July weekend.

Family Lake Vacation in New Hampshire

Connor is so much fun this year. Last year was a little tough with him because he was still afraid of the boat and couldn’t really communicate with us. This year he loves everything about being at the lake and especially loves helping grampy drive the golf cart and going on the boat! So far I am seriously in love with this age.

Boating with a Toddler

There were only a few days between our lake trip to New Hampshire and Mike and I heading off alone to Arizona. Mike took the StrongFirst Instructor Barbell Certification Course and I tagged along to relax and have some momma time, thanks to my amazing parents who entertained CJ for five whole days!

Mom Time at the Pool on Vacation

It was perfect (and I felt very spoiled) because during the day I went to the gym, sat by the pool and explored Tucson a bit. At night I had dinner with Mike and one night went out to socialize with our StrongFirst friends.

It was an awesome trip and what was even better is that I was ready to come home. I was ready to get back to work, get into a routine again and obviously see my handsome son. I’m still amazed at how much I miss this kid when I am away from him.

Adorable Toddler Boy Eating

Just when we were starting to feel adjusted back to east coast time and our crazy work schedule, my sweetest little boy got pretty sick. I did my best to enjoy the snuggles and take care of him, but man does it stink to see your baby hurting.

Snuggling My Sick Toddler

Finally yesterday I got back to work and Connor went back to daycare, but of course the craziness does not end here. Did you hear the big announcement? We’re expanding our gym this fall! We’ll be adding about 2,500 more square feet to our gym and training facility in North Chelmsford!

If you’re local in Chelmsford or any of the surrounding areas, we’d love to have you come check out a group training class, a kettlebell workshop {we are doing an awesome 8-week kettlebell skills workshop this fall open to members and non-members} or any other events we have going on. I’ll keep you posted on some of the expansion details here, but if you’re interested in more about what’s going on with Skill of Strength, like us on Facebook for pictures and full updates!

Phew…enough from me for now. I’ll be back soon with more posts on things I’m loving, training thoughts and reflections and some {hopefully} thought-provoking and motivational posts for you all.

Working Out on Vacation in a Park

Life is very good and very busy here, but I miss posting and chatting with my ‘readers’ and fellow bloggers.

What are you up to this summer? Anything good? Tell me one thing you’ve done or one reason you love life right now.


  1. Ahh! I MISSED your announcement!!! that is so amazing!! I am so excited for you and the growth of your gym!! I am also glad you are enjoying the summer and Connor at a fun fun age :) XO
    jolene recently posted..Where our story continues…celebrating ‘at home’

  2. Jen Comas Keck says:

    So cool about the expansion!!

    Are you going to any workshops or certifications anytime in the next few months? Looking for some good stuff to attend and would love to meet IRL :)

    Also, that pink suit is gorgeous on you! Great color, and hot bod! 😉

  3. Kristin Parker says:

    Congrats again on all the big changes! Good things happen to good people. It’s great to see SOS thriving! Glad you got a little relax time in before things go nuts this fall.

    I always love seeing how life changes at different stages as a parent from watching friends with older kids. I love watching Connor’s dance videos. I am loving G being almost a year. She’s so fun and I feel so lucky every day that I am her mom and get to watch her grow and learn. Everything she does is cute and she makes me laugh and smile so much more than ever. As much as I don’t want time to fly by, I also look forward to all of next year and the experiences we’ll have together as she gets older. She really puts everything in perspective for me when I’m feeling bad about something. In the end, she’s doing great, I have an amazing family, and that’s all I need!

    • I love hearing about you and grace. :) You seem so happy and I love that you’ve gotten into a groove with work, training, being a mom and just life in general. :)

  4. I totally feel for you! Things have been NUTTY around here too!!! The five day trip sounds like a little bit of heaven. I am in desperate need of a vacation. Glad little man is feeling better

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