An Active Weekend

Whew…what a busy weekend!

Saturday morning we held our grand re-opening at our gym, Skill of Strength. We recently expanded our facility by about 2,500 square feet and so far it has been amazing. It’s great to have the extra space for our growing community.

Skill of Strength in Chelmsford Expansion

The biggest event of the day was the ladies-only workout and Under Armour What’s Beautiful meet-up.

Battle Ropes For Working Out

Twenty six Skill of Strength clients, friends, family members and What’s Beautiful participants met up for an awesome workout. Do you have any idea how fun it is to train 26 awesome women at the same time? {So fun!}

Ladies Only Workout

It made me so proud to see ladies of all different fitness levels and ages working hard and having a blast together.

Under Armour Whats Beautiful Ladies Workout

Check out more pictures on our Skill of Strength Facebook Page.

After a glass of wine and a lovely lunch with some of the ladies, I had a pretty relaxing Saturday evening at home because Sunday I ran my first road race. That’s right, I’ve literally never run in an organized race before.

Mike and I ran with several of our awesome clients. We had a blast supporting a great cause and the weather was amazing. I can certainly feel my joints screaming today since I’m not used to running, but it was so much fun and we’re definitely going to be doing a lot more of these with our SOS team in the future.

5K Road Race

I am so proud of everyone who ran with us. What an amazing crew. :)

I wasn’t planning on trying to run fast, but then I felt good so I decided to speed it up. I ended up running about 8 minute miles and finishing in just over 25 minutes. Not bad for this non-runner and proof that the type of training we do carries over very well to other activities, including running. Yes, training for a 5K without running is possible!

Running a 5K

I was pretty pumped up after the race and now I can see why people get hooked on running in races. It’s a really encouraging and supportive environment and I had so much fun cheering on our clients, friends and complete strangers!

Reflecting on this weekend, it really just made my heart so happy to see our members coming together and supporting not only each other, but also new clients and friends. I’m so thankful for a weekend that reminded me WHY we are doing what we are doing at Skill of Strength.ย A big huge thanks to everyone who came to one or both of these events. We appreciate you more than you’ll ever know.

So tell me something you did this weekend?

Do you like road races?


  1. That is awesome!! speedy woman!!! I am not a fan of races, because I get anxious and never run well in them, BUT if you do another, let me know. I’d perhaps be interested! And I still need to come see your space! it sounds awesome!
    jolene recently posted..Show up to life, and then stay there.

  2. I am NOT a runner (even though I try) I still average an 11 minute mile but would love to race with you guys! That would be SO fun!!!

  3. You are rocking! The events in your new space look just awesome. And yayy for your first organized race

  4. Kristin Parker says:

    Loved this weekend. I am always telling friends to check out SOS because it is such a unique training experience with a comfortable community vibe. I was so excited when we walked in Saturday to see such a huge turnout for the women’s workout. Amazing! It just shows that word is spreading and you guys are doing everything right. :)

    I hope there will be more SOS running events. I would LOVE to do one with everyone. It’s more fun to run with other people than to run alone. If any come up this fall, I want to know!

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