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{Please note: In this post I’m talking about ’emotional eating’ that happens once in a great while, not every day or every week or even every month. If you find yourself turning to food to cope with life and/or stress in general, it is probably a good idea to talk to a counselor, a doctor and/or a nutritionist. You may also want to skip this post.}

If we are connected on Instagram and/or Twitter you probably saw this picture I posted earlier this week.

Relaxing fall morning

My friend and I took a lovely walk on a perfect fall morning with 2 kids who were well behaved. We walked, talked and drank iced coffee. Tuesday started out so great.

Next up, I took CJ to soccer. He spent the majority of this time on the ground with his feet in the air and we ended up leaving just before the 45 minute session was over since he wasn’t listening to me or even to his coach. If you have a toddler (or have ever raised a kiddo) you know that leaving a public place with a screaming child is embarrassing. It doesn’t make you feel like a good parent.

After a food throwing contest…I mean lunch… and yet another nap strike, we went to the playground. We got kicked off because only extended-day kids can be there on weekdays. We went to another playground and had fun, but on the way home CJ slid his arms right out of the seat belt in his car seat and I had to pull over and remedy the situation.

Cranky Toddlers

By the end of this day I felt frustrated, tired and defeated. I felt like a bad mom and a bad nutrition coach (because I didn’t have a chance to get back to my new clients all day).

I poured myself a glass of wine (not the usual for a Tuesday evening) and made a healthy dinner. Then came a martini and some popcorn. Then came some almond milk ice cream with chocolate.

That’s right – I ate too much because I was stressed out.

Why am I telling you about all of these silly #toddlermom problems? Why am I confessing that my nutrition habits aren’t perfect? Because I want you to know that life happens. We all get stressed and sometimes we utilize coping mechanisms that aren’t ideal.

The day after no-good-very-bad-toddler-tuesday I had a bit of a revelation. At first I thought, geez that wasn’t a very good example of practicing what I preach. I’m always telling clients and friends to take a walk, a bath, stretch or have some tea instead of overeating. Then I realized that I also tell those same clients and friends that no one is perfect. I tell them to ‘move on’ when they eat off-plan or splurge like crazy on vacation.

Vacation Splurge on Food and Drinks

In fact, I even explain that when you gain the ability to move on after a poor nutrition choice and lose the desire to skip meals and punish yourself with exercise, this is where magic happens.

On Wednesday I just ate everything I would normally eat. I trained because it was a training day, but didn’t do anything crazy. I still took yesterday as a rest day. Ah ha, I am practicing what I preach after all.

Moving on when you overeat

The point is, you don’t need to be perfect. This idea doesn’t just apply to nutrition and/or training. This applies to all areas of your life. You’re going to make mistakes. You’re going to eat things that don’t make you feel good. You’re going to skip training sessions you should have completed. You’re going to say things you wish you hadn’t. You’re going to be impatient with your toddler sometimes. It’s time to learn how to get over those mistakes and move on, guilt free.

Every day you have the ability to make decisions that take you closer to your goals or lead you further away. Every meal offers a new opportunity to fuel your body. Every training session provides you with a chance to get stronger and/or take care of your body. Every evening brings with it a new chance to get a good night sleep. Every encounter allows you to use words and actions that make someone else feel happy and loved. Every compliment offers you the opportunity to say thank you.

Adjust your attitude. Take life one day and one decision at a time and let the magic start to happen. You’ll see. :)

Where the magic happens in life

How do you deal with stress?

Are you able to move on when you eat off-plan, skip a workout, or have an argument with a loved one?


  1. Great post! I came to think of it as setting a goal every day. It doesn’t matter if I completely failed at the same goal yesterday, because today my slate is clean and I am going to work towards my goal. I feel like this idea of setting my goal every morning keeps me more motivated and prevents me from giving up because I already failed yesterday.
    Randi recently posted..Best Cardio Workout Videos for Intermediate to Advanced Levels – 2013

  2. This is such a great post and definitely one that I needed to read today. I’ve been beating myself up today over a variety of things (one of which did include stress eating) and you are absolutely right. We do have an opportunity to do it again and it’s not helpful to dwell. But we learn from that experience and move on.
    Christine @ Love, Life, Surf recently posted..Friday Round-Up: Moments

    • Stress eating is such a tabu topic, but so common. :) People tend to either eat way more or not eat at all when they are stressed!!!

      I know you have a ton going on lately and you should be PROUD. You are an amazing and inspiring woman and you are chasing your dreams right now.
      Amanda Perry recently posted..Where the Magic Happens

  3. Thanks you for this post! It was just what I needed! Every moment gives you an opportunity to make a new, better choice, regardless of what your choice was last time.

  4. Thank you! I always thought I was crazy for dealing with stress with food sometimes! There are definitely better ways to cope, but it happens and I know that I chose to react in a healthy manner (eat better the next day instead of depriving myself).

    Hope you a doing well! I have been such a bad blog reader recently!
    Maria recently posted..I Can See Clearly Now

    • You so not crazy my friend. We all deal with stress differently. AND…sometimes we make healthy choices and other times we don’t. That certainly doesn’t make you crazy. If you knew how to do everything perfectly what fun would life be anyway? :)
      Amanda Perry recently posted..Where the Magic Happens

  5. I LOVE this post my friend. Absolutely agree with you. One slip up doesn’t mean you have to overdo it the next day with workouts, super strict eating etc. you move on from it, you learn from it and it’s called life. Excellence, not perfection!!
    Jolene recently posted..#10forNala…in memory.

    • Thank you!!! Yes, it’s a REALLY REALLY hard concept for people to grasp. Women, especially, but I have also seen this happen in men too.

      It’s time we all cut ourselves a little bit of slack and moved on with life. It’s just food and exercise afterall. :)
      Amanda Perry recently posted..Where the Magic Happens

  6. Kristin Parker says:

    What mom hasn’t been driven to make herself a cocktail after a difficult day of tantrums and food throwing? Fortunately, I discovered low-calorie margarita mix this summer. :) At least it’s a little better than the real deal. I know I’m still eager to hit the gym the next day during my lunch hour or go to class after work. As long as that enthusiasm is still there, I’m doing just fine.


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