The Fat Jar

There’s a local radio station here (Kiss 108) that I listen to sometimes when I am driving to daycare and work in the mornings. The hosts of the morning show have what they call a fat jar. Every time you make a fat reference you have to put $10 into the jar. {They donate money to a charity.}

I’m usually too busy laughing at the show to be serious, but the other day my wheels starting turning and I realized what a great idea the fat jar would be for so many people!

I’ve mentioned how much I hate “fat talk” a few times in the past. The idea originally struck a chord with me a few years ago when I read it in one of Rachel Cosgrove’s books. At that time, I decided that I wouldn’t complain to any of my friends about how fat I was or how fat I was feeling anymore. Yes, even fitness professionals have fat days! Heck, sometimes fitness professionals feel so pressured to look a certain way that we participate in even more fat talk than someone else, whether it’s out loud or in our own heads.

Fitness Professionals

Women are generally kind and empathetic towards others, but so critical of ourselves, especially when it comes to weight and body image. Let’s be honest here, isn’t it annoying when you have a friend who is constantly talking about how fat her thighs are or how she just can’t lose her muffin top? Or maybe your friend is just always obsessing about how she needs to eat less or do more cardio. (Usually neither of those is the solution by the way.)

I will admit that I’m far from perfect and there have been times when I complain to my husband about feeling yucky, especially when I was trying to lose weight after having my first child. However, I will say that since I committed to getting rid of fat talk, my self esteem has improved immensely and I am way healthier overall, both physically and mentally. Do I still have days where I feel bloated or less than ideal? Heck yes! The difference is how I react to days like that and how I talk about myself outwardly to others.

Love Yourself

This just may be one of those situations where “fake it ’til you make it” really does work. What is complaining about your weight going to do? Frankly, I’d much rather see my loved ones either do something about it {eat real food, lift heavy things and move more} or shush.

A hashtag I use on twitter and instagram sometimes is #smilemorecomplainless and it can be about anything (the weather is a big complain factor around here lately). Do you like being around people who complain all the time? Do YOU want to be that person who complains all the time? I highly doubt it. You may think being fat is not an attractive quality, but guess what? Fat Talk is not attractive (or healthy) either.

Stop Complaining About Being FatSource

Are you ready to stop the fat talk? Step one is simple. Next time someone tells you how good you look in an outfit, how you look like you have lost some weight or gained some beautiful muscles, say thank you. That’s it. Don’t say, “no I haven’t.” Don’t say, “thanks, but my thighs are still jiggling.” Just say, “THANK YOU.”

Are you ready to ditch the fat talk and start loving yourself as much as you love others?

Who’s in? 


  1. I love this idea! It’s so true that we just need to stop it. I’m definitely better than I used to be but there’s still so much to work on.
    Christine @ Love, Life, Surf recently posted..Ask a Yogini: Should I Use Yoga Props?

  2. Love this!! I’m so critical of myself that at times it can really get me down if I’m not careful. I like the #smilemorecomplainless I could really use that. Thanks!
    Monica recently posted..The Best Bodybuilding Tank Tops

    • Sometimes it’s easy to fall into a pattern of complaining and just being whiney…happens to all of us! :-) We all need little reminders to #smilemorecomplainless and just to show ourselves some love and self-respect.

  3. Love this! Nick and I listen to Matty all the time and I definitely have said that we need a fat jar because we are so critical of ourselves.
    Kelly @ Cupcake Kelly’s recently posted..Weekly Updates: 02/17/14 – 02/23/14

  4. Adore this, friend. So spot on. I am always reminding others to be your own best friend and I know it is something I also work on from time to time, but am way better at being kind to myself than I used to be.
    Jolene recently posted..February 21, 2009 – 5 years later.

  5. I love this blog! This is something I have been working on myself. It is so true that you start to feel worse about yourself the more you put yourself down to others. Thanks for writing this!

  6. I used to listen to Kiss 108 when we lived up that way! The fat jar is a fantastic idea. We all need more positive thoughts in our lives!!


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