The Friday Five: Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I have finally been bit by the blogging bugg again and I’m really looking forward writing more. To start, today I’m getting back to The Friday Five with a special Valentine’s Day edition. Yup, here I go again…talking about love! Did you read my last post -what do you have without love?

1. Need something new and healthy in your life and marriage? Here are 5 reasons to train with your spouse or significant other. {My post from last year at this time!}

Train with your spouse or significant other

2. Another thing that is awesome for marriage? Date nights and weekends away…without the kiddos! Mike and I spent this past weekend skiing and relaxing in Maine. It was such a nice break from reality and it was honestly so nice to just talk and catch up at a slow pace instead of brushing by each other at the gym or passing each other at home. Mid-day beers are fun too.

Celebrate Marriage with Weekends Away

3. I can’t say anything about marriage nearly as well as Callie did in her recent post about how marriage shouldn’t work. Loving your spouse unconditionally takes work. In Callie’s words…”It takes work. It takes commitment – not just on that wedding day, but each and every day.”


4. I can’t possibly talk about love without mentioning my son. It was crazy looking back at my older posts from before Connor was born. I truly can’t even imagine life without him now.

Mom and Toddler Love

Toddlers are crazy and oh so tiring, but they are also just fun and amazing. Sometimes I feel so much love for my kiddo, my heart feels like

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it might explode! We recently started potty training and it’s such a funny adventure. Then again, just living with a toddler and figuring out why they are crying is an adventure in itself.

5. Speaking of old posts and this little guy, can you believe this was him just 2 years ago on Valentine’s Day? What a sweet muffin!

Baby Boy on Valentine's Day

I’m not a huge sap, but I do love taking a few minutes to celebrate love in all forms. No matter who you love and whether you are married, dating or single, take a few minutes out of your day today to celebrate LOVE.

Any romantic plans? Celebrating love in another way?

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